No mas, Señor Neal

Hella beer

Dear Milwaukee Players at Tracks,
I had no power for most of the day yesterday, and therefore wrote no trivia entry. Certainly, I could have gone to a coffee shop and worked, but instead I read a great article about the founders of Opening Ceremony and Creative Directors at Kenzo who are influencing the fashion world right now. It’s a great article and you can find it in the March 20 issue of the New Yorker. Highly recommended. I also played with my dogs. Anyway, you’ll get your recap soon enough. For now, we’re talking about Madison.

Let’s pretend for a moment Neal of Fortune doesn’t have this league wrapped up. Let’s imagine a world where anyone could still win. In that world I would have wagged a finger and shaken a fist at the big shot maneuver they pulled last night.

Maybe because it was Stephen’s (The man who put the Neal in Neal of Fortune) last night, but these fools stacked nine people on their team. NINE. Like that’s nbd. Then, as an extra shot of braggadocio Caitlyn (who does like 90% of the images here) did that math and tossed in a “Hella” to remind us all she’s from the bay area. She knows about BART. She once got jumped in Vallejo and lost her Jordans. Her eighth grade dissertation was an exploration into the shuttering of big box stores and how the increased access to large unmonitored parking lots contributed to the spread of the hyphy movement. We get it, Caitlyn. Jeez. Anyway they got docked 45 points and ended the night with 13.

Ahead of them was Ass Pickle, the Glass Nickel house team. They ended up with 45. That is not bad considering they scored zero points in rounds four, five and six. Eternal Spoonshine on the Bardless Mind put up 50 points which was enough for third place. Clever Girl stacked up the team and pushed into second place with 59 points. And taking home the win last night, and thus tightening up the league rankings, it was Moony, Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs.

And with that, this week’s trivia shows are done. We’re back in action next week. Get ready.

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