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Up and Under kept riding that wave of summertime trivia success. The were able to pack a couple extra teams into the place for a quick slaughtering. I kind of feel bad for the teams that stumbled into this, I know how hard it can be to suffer a trivia loss. At the same time, I’m pretty sure the Up & Under is running super Cheap PBRs on trivia night, so I’m not that concerned. They’ll get over it.

But it wasn’t the new teams that finished last. No, no. that honor goes to Who Pooped In The Pool. The gutter score mainstays were somehow able to scrape up 14 points through ten rounds. This then leads me to ask, and I’m embarrassed to only come to this inquiry now, does anyone on the Who Pooped in the Pool team speak english? Are they even aware of trivia shows happening around them each week, or have all of their correct answers simply been serendipity? The world may never know.

Anyway, they were topped by the Coprolites who put up 15 points. Our next stop was at 27, where the other new team, The Baculums, closed out their evening. Then we get to jump all the way up to 58 points, where Bowser-Domino-Eddie parked themselves for the night. The good news is that was good enough for third place. Second place went to THE Whispering Goats Whores pt. Un. They were able to cobble together 73 points on the evening. And as is quickly becoming the norm at the Up & Under, 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt scored 79 points and took home first place.

Well played.

Now I need to make sure I can cram in a few extra players at Glass Nickel this evening. It’s only the second week of the summer league so there is plenty of time to take the lead. Or, if leagues aren’t your game we’ve got the nightly prizes in the mix as well.

Listen, I don’t want to be the one without some new faces at my show this week. Nick was sitting on like 7 new teams, Lewis and Andy got 2 new teams in a bar that was already at capacity. I need to see some new players.

This is how I’m going to need you all to run this game. You get your 6-person team together. Then, build a second 6-person crew. At the last minute you bail on both of them, but encourage them to still play. Finally, you’re going to roll in at 6:59 with a third crew. If all the regulars do this, we should be sitting on a few hundred players. It will be perfect.

Anyway, Madison, we get to play tonight at Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood. As usual, we’ll be in the nicely air conditioned basement. It all starts at 7pm.

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