The Return

Look who’s back now, fools and trivia pl-pl-players alike, it is I. And I have returned to drop trivia knowledge and unwanted meanderings upon you.

With me is the newest addition to the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Family, my daughter Inez Ophira. She’s pretty great for being 12 days old. Sure, she was unable to identify Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, but she’s 12 days old. And she had never seen it before. Also, I don’t know how well baby’s eyes work.

I’m also back because the paternity leave benefits from Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia are pure trash, but the protection offered at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters and Rap Emporium is top notch. Protection and isolation are crucial components to life here at WHTGHQ+RE. In fact, upon entering our Trunch Lake location, all guests pass through a gate, and on the arch above that gate it reads Verndun. Einangrun. Apathy. Which in Nick’s native Icelandic means “Protection. Isolation. Apathy.”

Then there is the fact that if I’m not here holding down the social media fort, people flip out. Players are messaging me across multiple platforms at all hours of the day–“Is there trivia tonight at Company Brewing?” “Does tonight’s show starts at 7pm, like always?” “Do you have any clues?” “I’m not Steve Bannon. I’m not up here trying to suck my own cock, but check out this gif, or gif, or however you say it.”

I’m also here to make sure you’re going into this week’s shows with the knowledge you need to be successful. Who else is going to tell you to start looking at some Wu-tang Clan deep catalog works, the Incan Empire, or famous noses? No one else is going to tell you those things.

What can I say, I’m happy to be back to working these 20 minute days.

Nick is kicking off this week with his Company Brewing show. There are just way too many teams to mention rolling through that place these days. Why wouldn’t there be. It’s a Monday night with a solid trivia show, even solider food,and the most solid beers east of Golden, Colorado. All you have to do is get your team together and get there early enough to grab a seat. The show starts at 7pm.

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