I have yet to hear any feedback from last night’s show at Company Brewing. Sure, I have the scores, and we can go over them in a minute, but I want to know how Nick did with the pressure of REAL funny people on his heels.

Did he do his bit on airplane food? Probably. Fun Fact. Nick has never been on a plane. He, like Dan Aykroyd (his hero, and another man of questionable comedic skills), has a train car in which he travels by hooking that bad boy to the back of Amtrak, or sometimes a Fort Atkinson, Topeka & Santa Fe freighter.

Or what about his impressions? At any point was was he like, “This is Vin Diesel talking with Claire Danes from the Temple Grandin movie about deep house in the early 2000s and underground fetish dens. I don’t mean any of this polished American Horror Story glossy fetish bullshit. I’m talking about grime and grit. Like, you ever watch two people pleasure each other while someone cosplaying Ayn Rand thaws out a couple of chicken breasts and just chews on the raw meat without ever swallowing it, and over in the corner Big Mouth Billy Bass plays Taylor Swift albums at quarter speed”.

Actually I love that bit.

Anyway, you know who didn’t flop last night? Butthole In One Night Standing Rock. This team, with their growing name, put up 83 points for the win. Behind them, it was Best Pumpkin Spice Ever!–a name that caused me to shudder, just a little–in second place with 73 points. At 59 points we saw a tie between the Tunnel Snakes and White Walker [ed. note: Post Labor Day joaks]. That sad thing about this name is that Facebook doesn’t allow for simple formatting, and the name will end up being White Walker [ed. note: Post Labor Day joaks] but imagine the “White” part being redacted. And finally, it was What About Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog? They scored 20 points and also have me concerned about the naming conventions in use at Company Brewing.

With all that behind us, we roll on! Tonight the show lands at Up & Under. Where Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, a man who knows a thing or two about early 2000s deep house in his own right, will be firing off questions. If you want to get in on this, all you have to do is be at the Up & Under on Brady at 7pm.

See you there.

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