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When we look back at the world over the last two days, what is it that you’re going to remember? Twitter claiming they might double the max tweet length to 280 characters? Will it be that Young Dolph, the rapper who released the album Bulletproof, was shot in Los Angeles? Or will it be the phenomenal play of the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia teams in Milwaukee?

I mean, look at Company Brewing, we had teams like Best Ladies Night Ever and Tunnelsnakes putting down 39 and 47 points, respectively. Butthole in One Night Standing Rock Lobster Roll scored 49 points while simultaneously stressing me out over what the future holds for their name. Nervous and In a Rush slowed down just long enough to rack up 51 points and take third place. The Reclusive Wankers nabbed second with 72 points and it was Chinchillin’ Like a Villain who walked away with the top spot and 78 points.

Then, the next night we jumped to the Up & Under on Brady Street, where scores ranged from the “not-so-bad” to the “primeau!” Who Pooped in the Pool somehow scraped up enough knowledge for seven points. Then you had teams like De Facts and Fly Bitches putting up 38 and 40 point totals. The Whispering Goat Whores stalled out at 57 last night. 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt ended up with 83 and watched Wet Dreamcast grabbed the bonus point and and third place, ending the night with 84. I suspect 3 Guys is not happy about this at all. Second place belonged to Trivia Newton John and  their 99 points. The top spot went to Shiva Kamini, I guess rightfully so, after they knocked down 111 points.

Truly memorable indeed. Let’s see what Madison can do on Thursday night at Glass Nickel.

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