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And here we are, barely knuckle deep in 2018 and MFers are already complaining about trivia being too hard.
And that’s from someone who helped write the questions.

So Tunnel Snakes lost the classics round last night by one point because they had too many people on their team. It seems Nick may have doubly screwed them.

Anyway, tonight we’re moving on to the Glass Nickel show in Madison. We’ll find out if Laura Dern and the High-necked Dresses can maintain top billing. Or will Heisenberg steal the show. Perhaps it will be Guess Harder, if they could ever actually manage to show up two weeks in a row. Or maybe Neal of Fortune will retake the top spot being they may or may not have bribed me with a glorious vinyl offering.Only time will tell who takes first place tonight. If you think you’ve got it in , or you just want to see how it plays out, I suggest getting to Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood and find us in the basement. As always, the show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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