A Salute to the Company Brewing Special Forces

Attention Company Brewheads! Is that what we’re calling the fans of Company Brewing? CB hypes? CoBrew creepers? Zagora Major’s army?

Whatever you want to call yourself, you should know there is going to a rousing round of trivia happening tonight. Typically, you get your team together, show up at the joint and stare longingly at at Nick while he reads questions in his ASMR voice. BUT NOT TONIGHT. You’ve got at the helm for week two of your Autumn League.

I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about his voice, but I’m sure you’ll find comfort in the uncomfortable as he burns through such rounds as Chinchillas, Pokemon GO! and Royal Rumble Winners. Typically I would say these are barely categories, but these are all suggested categories and who am I to critique anything.

We are in this together, and much like the allegedly changing climate, we are all responsible, so let’s get through it together as well. All you have to do is show up at Company Brewing tonight. Come hungry. Come thirsty. And be there by 7pm.

See you then.

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