Again the Solstice

Again the solstice, the longest day of the year. Though all these Wednesdays feel long. Nothing to prepare for. Just simply delivering the news of how yesterday was. We already witnessed the birth of the dynasty. Then, back then, it was a just a win for 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt. And we joked about them toppling the Whispering Goat Whores. And now we are gripped in the strong fist of trivia dominance.

That’s the natural order today. Those 3 Guys with their 74 points. Trivia Newton John walks away with 71. Then, the numbers drop, the excitement wanes, and we arrive at 63. The number of The Whispering Goat Whores.

Then Bowser/Domino/Eddie, a naming convention it seems I should know, but one laden with a simplicity I cannot trust. A name that scored 55. And 48 points went to The Stallions. Animals we speak of less and less. Just in my life, in my years we’ve become that much further removed from the songs and film and ideas of wild horses. Does society think less about horses, or is this what aging is, we think less about horses? Do children today still have this dream that somewhere there is a team of palominos running across the land, all percussion and snorts and dust? What about quicksand? And lava?

And then there was Who Pooped in the Pool, with their 29 points and realized joy of simply playing trivia. They are all good teams. The best we’ll talk about until Friday morning.

Consider now how you will spend this longest day. Change every plan and go to water. Sit on the shore and sip coffee or booze. Get in if you can. Bring a copy of Jennifer Chang’s Again A Solstice and read it one million times.

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