And the Summer League Begins

Hey-o! What a wild night to kick off a brand new summer league at Company Brewing. Not only were three a million teams in the house, there was also a hockey game being shown. HOCKEY! Sadly, it wasn’t the Letterkenney Shamrocks playing.

If hockey isn’t your thing, you could have watched trivia. You would have seen the River Ragers put up 37 points at their first outing. Demogorgone But Not Forgotten, far from being a new team, certainly played like one last night and only scored 50 points. The Red Shirts overloaded their team and took the penalty, therefore ending the night with 59 points. Tunnel Snakes also took the penalty and ended the night with 60 points. That cost them third place. These fools are acting like they don’t know how the league works. Super Nintendo Chalmers put up 64 on the night. And Pentagraham Crackers or I Know A Penis When I See One was able to rack up 70 points.

Then, due to penalties, third place when to the Reclusive Wankers. This team know a little bit about trivia and just enough about not overloading teams to close out the night  with 72 points and third place. Pratik & The Dead Weight landed themselves in second place with 87 points. This makes me wonder, who on that team second guessed Pratik with such attitude that he allowed them to switch an answer, thus costing them first place. Finally, last night’s win goes to Gilmore Girls Gone Wild and their 90 points.

The good news is the league is long and there is plenty of time for GGGW to fall.

Heading back over the river, we’re firing up the summer league at the Up & Under tonight. Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, allegedly the inspiration for the character of Johnny Fontane in The Godfather, will be running the show. They’ll supply the questions, if you and your team supply the answers. Of course, the Up & Under will supply the drinks. All you have to do is be there. The show starts at 7pm.

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