And Then There Was Booing

It’s hard to identify the when last night’s Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia at Glass Nickel Pizza fell apart. It may have been when I decided to let Dorito Fingers use all the drink tickets they’ve ever collected at once. Or, maybe it was the lamprey question. Or maybe it was when Something, Something 420 started booing other teams. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but by question 50 the whole scene was in shambles.

So let’s stick to the facts. Dorito Fingers was back in the house. This crew drops in every so often and brings the feel good factor up a couple notches. I’d welcome them every week, but I don’t know if they could handle that kind of commitment. Over the last 3-ish years they collected a couple handfuls of drink tickets which, judging by the condition, they were storing in the bottom of a backpack, next to a chipotle napkin, a couple parking tickets, and for some reason a photo of Jake the bartender. I let them play all of those 64 of those tickets, given them 65 points on the night.

Then there was Clever Girl also tried to play a couple years worth of tickets, but I had to shut them down. As teams should know, the heavy hand of trivia is nothing if not shortsighted and unjust. I did let them use the tickets they had acquired last night, bumping their score from 66 to 70.

Then it was the Clementines, relative newcomers who are fast becoming grizzled veterans. They earned 72, dropped 3 drink tickets in the mix and ended the night with 75. Ahead of them it was Something, Something 420. Who moved into third place only on account of the number of drink tickets acquired by their 6-member team. They are a raucous bunch with no regard for rich traditions and elegance of our trivia show. They are the Andre Agassi of trivia. They are a living Pink video. They are to trivia what Johnny Manziel was to football. Bad boys all around.  

Then up top we had Spoony in the Barden of Good and Evil, who put up 96 points. I believe i also only Spoony Rob an apology, something about pilsner and lager, but we’ll just put that on the apology tab I’m currently running with that team. And for the win last night, it was Neal of Fortune, who somehow survived the jeers from Something, Something 420 and put up 109 points on the night. Trivia masters for sure.

The good news is it all starts over again next week. Monday night you can catch us at Company Brewing in Milwaukee.

See you then.

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