When historians look back at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, we want them to focus on that one week, as May waned, in the 2017th year of the christian lord, when Who Pooped In The Pool ascended through the ranks at the Up & Under.

To be clear, what these future people will find won’t be a first place finish. No no. But they will have looked over possibly hundreds of records with Who Pooped in the Pool doing so poorly and ranked so consistently low they may have mistaken the team for a baseline, or possibly some sort of foundational score. But then, they will come to last night’s score and see the words Who Pooped in the Pool in the second-place position. Theories will suddenly be considered faulty, papers will have to be scrapped, it’s hard to say if academia will even survive. This kind of consideration for the future is why we have the scores from each week carved into granite tablets, bundled by month and buried in the field adjacent to the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters and Rap Emporium scale reproduction of HellTrack. For fun we sometimes add one extra tablet showing renderings of the storyboards from the video for Burn Rubber by The Gap Band.


Of course, the future researchers will continue to brush away the soil and see 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt did finish in first with 78 points, which is significantly higher than Who Pooped in the Pool’s 45. And they will also have to wonder what happened to The Whispering Goat Whores, who only scored 35.


Ahh well, nicely played by all teams. Now I have to go dig hole to bury the May tablets.

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