Ask Me About My Trivia Show


Ah yes, another week of brought to you by the fine folks at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. Just as with every weekend, I was out and about and people kept coming up to me, “Oooooo, what can we expect from this week’s trivia? Any clues you wanna give us?”

And, as always, I was forced to reply, “Players, if you don’t mind, I’m with my family. Trivia is not on my mind. And we are in church.”

Of course, I should point out I was in Trader Joe’s, wearing a tee-shirt which read, “Ask me about trivia”, and when I mentioned my family I motioned to my cashier, Eleanor. The truth is, when this happened, we hadn’t even written a single word of this week’s trivia shows.

At that point, I had no clue there was going to be category about the Great State of Massachusetts. I didn’t know we were going to deep dive into the world of GG Allin (actually that one has been floating around in my head for a minute, so I knew it was coming). Nor did anyone know there would be an exploration into the fantastic world of woodwind instruments. But they are all in there.

Honestly, it wasn’t until about 20 minutes ago, I knew anything about this week’s show apart from that it kicks off tonight at the Up & Under in Milwaukee under the guidance of Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg, and Lewis, the man who was working on a screenplay for his story, Hidden Fences, until Sunday night. For those who don’t know, that show is running a small crowd right now, and is primed for the taking. Walk in, sit down, lay waste to Moonbats and Whispering Goat Whores and maybe Who Pooped in the Pool and make that trivia yours. Enjoy some prizes and maybe a couple drinks, and you’ll be living your best Tuesday night possible. The show starts 7pm

Be there.

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