August, When The Swelter Continues

Last night at Company Brewing looked like a bruiser of a match. The Heights came out to play. Sadly, trivia aint playing and they had to learn that the hard way by closing out the night with 31 points. Then, Tunnelsnakes and Hanabi-konan the Barbarian both scored 58 points, but brought in extra players. So both teams were docked 15 points and both teams ended up with 43 points. That cleared the way for Pfffft! To snatch a higher ranking with 46 points. …And Justice for Allan Lane sputtered out at 53. The tie for third went to Scrambled Eggs and The Zucchini’s Are Bigger In Harambe, teams that both put up 61 points. And to top it all off Warren G. Hard-on scraped together 83 points.

Tonight, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia rolls on to the Up & Under on Brady St. That means as soon as you’re done voting, you’re going to want to get there, grab a seat and a few beers and answer some questions. Lewis, a viable write-in candidate for any position, will be running the show. So you know you’re in good hands.


The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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