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  3. Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia…The Legend Continues — January 17, 2018
  4. The Company Brewing Return — January 16, 2018
  5. And We’re Back! — January 15, 2018

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Century Eggs

It’s good to know the Madison crowd is catching on the open bribery that keeps Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia moving. Last night Tickles for Nickels, a team that in the past has brought me Chilean candy, a Lake Tahoe bottle opener and countless other gifts, brought me a century egg. I should note, in the past …

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Setting it off

Alright Madison, in the words of the Queen Latifah, “Let’s set it off.” That’s from the classic, 1996 film Set It Off. At one point Latifah, as the character Stoney, demands a bigger gun and says, “I ain’t trying to rob stagecoaches, I need something with which I can set it off. Like those trivia …

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Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia…The Legend Continues

Stalwarts. That’s how I would classify the Up & Under teams. These MFers are hanging in there through the good and the bad. And frankly, for some of the teams it’s never really good. Take Who Pooped in the Pool, for example. Not only are they not winning, due to archaic laws and something called …

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The Company Brewing Return

It’s good to see the crowd at Company Brewing welcomed Nick back with open arms and excellent, if unsurprising in convention, names. We’re going to go over last night’s team scores like they were Drake, starting at the bottom. But in this case we’re talking about the teams that are really struggling, not some perceived …

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And We’re Back!

It’s a big Monday here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, because as of tonight we are back at Company Brewing. That’s right! Your boy Nick will be back on the mic, tossing out questions and maybe a few sharp barbs. Who knows, maybe he’ll even sit down with Tunnel Snakes and offer to help, only to …

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Week 2 Recap

It’s been a minute since I’ve handled a proper recap, so let’s just jump right into it. The basement of Glass Nickel Pizza was about to burst at the seams. Not unlike my own clothes on the account of the 700 pounds I’ve put on since the birth of my daughter, but that is beside …

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(No title)

And here we are, barely knuckle deep in 2018 and MFers are already complaining about trivia being too hard. And that’s from someone who helped write the questions. So Tunnel Snakes lost the classics round last night by one point because they had too many people on their team. It seems Nick may have doubly …

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Steve Harvey Cold Snaps

Assuming anyone can even gather the strength to leave their homes and face the this weather one more time, we should have a good match tonight at Glass Nickel Pizza. Let’s run down the list: Eric is already back in Montana or Wyoming or whatever great expanse of a western state he calls home. Kathleen …

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New year. Classic me.

Think back to your childhood. How many times do you think your father woke up on January first, or second, or third, and said, “That’s it. New Year. New Me.” Then he drove to Sears and bought some free weights. Maybe he stopped at JC Penney and grabbed a new pair of athletic shorts touting …

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So This Is The New Year?

Greetings! And welcome to 2018. By now I sure some of you have already blown out your New Year’s resos. As for me and my type, we simply act righteous and drop lines like, “I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions, I just try to improve myself a little bit every day.”  That said …

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