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  5. Crowdsourced to Death — May 4, 2018

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Get Your Degree in Trivia, TODAY!

In the future, Philosophy of Trivia classes at I assume someplace like Carlton or Middlebury,  will probably ask, “Did trivia really happen if it wasn’t talked about on social media?” Well, trust me it happened last Thursday at Glass Nickel and it happened last night at Company Brewing. Last night’s 30-minute-later-than-normal start time was no …

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In the Belly of the Beast, Wherein the Beast is Trivia Week 20

What up mid-weekers? Y’all looking for an update on some shit? Well, I have some great news. The update is here. Let’s start with Company Brewing. TEEM NABE cobbled together 35 points like Dan D. Lewis making loafers between the takes on the set of some other slog that will put people to sleep. Best …

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What up with that league over there, my man?

I’m getting a lot of questions at the Madison shows about when we’re starting the summer league. And every time I have to tell them, “Patience, players.” First off, it’s not even summer outside yet. We’re still over here fucking about with 6 straight days of rain and temps somewhere between freezing and a moist …

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A Correction

Attention Madison trivia players, I owe you all an apology. Last week, during the Bamboo Harvester of Sorrows of Young Werther category I mentioned the historical inaccuracy of Melton Wool being worn by soldiers in the civil war. I posited Melton Wool wasn’t developed until the late 19th century, and during the Civil War era, …

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Crowdsourced to Death

I’m glad last night’s trivia sesh at Glass Nickel Pizza was a solid one. I needed that, and I suspect some of the players did as well, as we rolled into today–one of the most annoying days of the year. The day when aspiring nerds and plush scifis all crawl out from whatever basement they …

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Like George Micheal Said, Lets Give it One More Try

There was a time when a crowd-sourced show would have us dealing with five or six team-made Bamboo Harvester categories. And maybe like one category about Chickens of the American South, or whatever. Halcyon days for sure. Kjersti Says Jeremy is the Worst brought us Name That Foreign Body, a category of x-rays featuring things …

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May Day

Welcome to May Day, players. I hope you’re all walking in a little late. Perhaps you’re going to cut out early, or maybe that lunch hour is going to run into the multiples. Whatever you’re doing today I hope you’re sticking it to the fat cats. Here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, we are the fat …

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Birds and Bees and Films

Ahhh yes! We are back for another week. And like every week, we’re letting Nick kick it off with some hot league action at Company Brewing. And tonight that consists of 2005: The Year in Film, the Birds and the Bees. Now, before you get all excited about it finally being spring–it finally being warm–thinking …

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Crowd S-S-S-Sourcing Sourcing

Last night, while I was waiting for the last of the crowd-sourced categories to roll in, I opted to watch some broadcast television. Specifically, I watched a sitcom based on a podcast. This wasn’t my first choice of ways to spend a Wednesday night. I was going to waste time reading reviews of the Sleep …

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Week 17, Milwaukee Style

Yesterday I told you, no, I promised you, there would be a show. And today I’m telling you there will be another show. Will there be online updates? That is yet to be seen. We’re in the middle of league play at Company Brewing and SOME teams came to play. Some of the other teams, …

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