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  3. Of Horn Dogs and Fuck Hounds — September 13, 2018
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  5. Week 37 is GO! — September 10, 2018

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And the Award Goes to…

Fresh off a massive show at Company Brewing, we’re here to discuss the what happened last night. With 10 teams packing the house I suspect Nick is still catching his breath. Meanwhile, I’m over here making wild allegations against teams like The Hopefuls. I haven’t seen this name pop up on the score sheets before, so …

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Some Fools are Running Their Mouths

Coming in with a late one for all those Company Brewing players. We are back at it tonight in just a couple hours which mean you need to study up on topics like Dolly Parton, Styles of Headwear and Lincoln During the Civil War. Now maybe you’ve got that one player on your team who thinks they …

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Of Horn Dogs and Fuck Hounds

This is a little story about love and how that emotion can blindside you. The other night at the Up & Under there was this team, Eating Tiger Men, first timers, and couple lovers or whatever. Anyway, they met in college in a place relevant to an unannounced round in this week’s trivia show. They …

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Let the CoBrew League Begin

I gotta give a tip of the hat to Riverwest for coming out strong last night. I mean sure, there was a certain pent up energy because Nick took the holiday week off, but regardless of the host’s apathy or general laziness, the players came back determined. I mean Lewis and Andy may or may …

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Week 37 is GO!

We’re calling you out, Company Brewing players. Just imagine me, rolling gently through the streets of Riverwest, three growlers hanging from my fingers, clickety-clacking. I would estimate that not a week goes by when I don’t think about The Warriors. Monday night players, Nick is back in action and coming at you hot with categories like …

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Laboring, Again

“Back to work, swine!” That’s how we were greeted by Nick this morning at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters and Rap Emporium. That dude comes strutting in, fresh off a relaxed Labor Day weekend. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone. He just walked straight to his Big Mouth Billy Bass and was about to …

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Summer’s over, Madison

Listen, Madison, I think we know how this is going to shake out. We’re staring down the summer league finals tonight, which means Neal of Fortune is probably going to win. Honestly, all they have to do is show up. Spoony Bards will hold fast to their motto, “Always the bridesmaids”. Clever Girl will rest …

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Burying the Lead

[Scene: Late morning. The upstairs bathroom room in the Black Metal Wing at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters and Rap Emporium on the shores of Trunch Lake. Greg is sleeping on the floor. Smash cut to a close up on his face. His eyes open and a second later he sits straight up. A subscription …

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Puff Pastries

Behold! Another week of trivia is upon on us. That means there are 50 hot and fresh-ish questions that will be ready for players at Company Brewing tonight. If we want to continue with this pastry analogy, the question croissants aren’t even finished. I’m still over here mixing up the dough on these trivia turnovers. …

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August, When The Swelter Continues

Last night at Company Brewing looked like a bruiser of a match. The Heights came out to play. Sadly, trivia aint playing and they had to learn that the hard way by closing out the night with 31 points. Then, Tunnelsnakes and Hanabi-konan the Barbarian both scored 58 points, but brought in extra players. So …

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