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And Then There Was Booing

It’s hard to identify the when last night’s Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia at Glass Nickel Pizza fell apart. It may have been when I decided to let Dorito Fingers use all the drink tickets they’ve ever collected at once. Or, maybe it was the lamprey question. Or maybe it was when Something, Something 420 started booing …

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The Final Flight of The Falcon

  You know what they say, “what happens at the Polish Falcon, stays at the Polish Falcon, mostly because reliable sources of electricity and communication are spotty in Riverwest.” Unless, of course, what we’re talking about is Trivia scores. Nothing gets leaked as much as trivia scores, maybe a Beyonce album. Anyway, Polish Falcon part …

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Trivia Training

Tuesday morning, and you know what that means. 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt was awake at 5:30am doing trivia exercises–prime number dead lifts, logo identification sets, sprints between two targets labeled “Jimmy Buffet” and “Kenny Chesney” and, of course, the V-sit reach.   Meanwhile, Andy and Lewis were sleeping late, not even sweating it. …

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Verbal Kint

I want to make some joke about Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia taking flight at the Polish Falcon last night. But dang, I can’t even do that on Thursday morning. Also, I can’t verify such an event happened. Sure, I can see the score sheet, but those are just numbers in a spreadsheet. Anyone can put any …

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Clementines, Back At It Again

  Regarding trivia at Glass Nickel last night, we’re not going to talk about how Neal of Fortune won with 107 points. Nor are we discussing Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs ending the night with 77, or even Spoony Bardday, Becky and their 62 points. I don’t even want to think about the 58 points …

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Audience Participation Time

Let’s break it down like this.   Scores based on scores: 95 Tits & Giggles 92 Tunnel Snakes 74 Gilmore Girls Gone Wild 54 Beerology 47 The Demogoragami 27 Calamity Crew   Scores based on team names:   100 The Demogoragami 86 Calamity Crew 0 Tunnel Snakes/Tits & Giggles/Gilmore Girls Gone Wild/Beerology   Tough loss, …

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And Thus Ends the Winter Leagues

We might need bring Moonbats in for some blood tests after last night’s Up & Under show. I suspect a Lance Armstongian doping set-up but. How else do you explain the 106 points scored last night on the team’s march to victory. But this then leads into the greater question of, “What would be a …

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The League Finale at Up & Under

I almost feel bad for the players at the Up & Under tonight. It’s going to be brutal. We have three teams vying for the league championship. Moonbats have the advantage with 43. The Whispering Goats Whores have 42, and 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt have 40 points. Some so-called experts have said the …

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The Glass Nickel Winter League Banger

Here’s what we knew was going to happen last night: Neal of Fortune was going to win. They’ve had this thing wrapped since Labor Day. But there were so many things we didn’t expect: Who knew Neal of Fortune would also BRING prizes? Not me. But Alex showed up with Film Festival tickets for everyone. …

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Milwaukee’s League Ender

  It was just 24 hours ago that I sat here talmbout how hard it was going to be for Gilmore Girls Gone Wild to take the win from Tits & Giggles. But then last night happened. Rarely in history have we seen things fall apart so completely with only the slightest bit of pressure. …

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