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Week 11 Follow Up

After back to back to back to back weeks of standing room only crowds in the Glass Nickel basement, last night reminded us that the universe is chaotic and just when you think you’ve got something great on your hands, half the teams won’t show up. I think Stephen Hawking felt it was okay to …

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It’s Up & Under Time

Rough morning in the Trivia world. I woke up to learn that the winning team at Company Brewing last night was named Unsolicited Nick Pixxx. And frankly I am disgusted. I prefer all of my Nick pics to be solicited. Why just the other day I dropped a pair of pants off for him. He …

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Tunnelsnakes Origin Story

While the rest of the world is stumbling into their cubicles and squeaky chairs, or maybe just barely awake enough to start that next 40, working for the city, there is a certain faction of people in Milwaukee who look forward to a Monday. Sure, they have to get through the ho-hum-hum-drum that is life …

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A Classic Capital City Standoff

Madison, I think we’re really ready for the Trivia show happening tonight. I mean, last week we really went through some mucky-muck together. Nearly 50 people packed in the basement of Glass Nickel Pizza, a new server working the floor, 49 subpar questions, and a tie at 100 points. That’s right Milwaukee, these MFers over …

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Nothing But the Hits

I hope all you trivia players out there have your Einstein-Rosen Bridge suits on, because it’s time for another round of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Classics at Tracks Tavern. It also means it’s time for me to mix a few metaphors and analogies. Without wasting too much time let’s have Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg be …

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Company Brewing is back, baby!

  It’s March. It’s Monday. And those two facts combined mean that we are back in action at Company Brewing. Your main man Nicky B has been been travelling the country in search of the finest trivia questions in the land. That’s right. From sea to sea he ventured. Coming across tidbits of all-american trivia …

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Week Eight Recap

It would be nice to be here this morning talking about what a great trivia show we had last night. Sadly, I cannot do that. What happened last night wasn’t trivia, that was a mess. It started out nicely, Pabst Smear a new team showed up, blasted through the first round and looked like they …

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The Year Was 2013…

For this week’s installment of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Classics we take you all the way back to December 2013. The best selling book was The New Testament by the mononymous Jesus. The Model T–the horseless carriage–was rolling off assembly lines in Detroit by the dozens and families were gathered around Guglielmo Marconi’s invention the radio, …

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The Up & Under League Rolls On

Oooooo Boy, Trivia for this week is set. The questions are in, the answers are nearly thoroughly researched and the shows are ready to go. That means, you’re up Milwaukee. Tonight at the Up & Under you’re going to want to get down with Lewis, fresh off his fourth place finish in the skeleton competition …

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Jeopardy Doubles

I was going to start by saying it’s the Madison teams’ time to shine, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry (Lent jokes for all you cafflicks). I mean sure we could talk about how Drink Tickles did break the 100-point mark last week, or how Clementines showed up from out of nowhere and nabbed …

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