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  4. Joaks — September 12, 2017
  5. Never Ever Forget — September 11, 2017

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A Salute to the Company Brewing Special Forces

Attention Company Brewheads! Is that what we’re calling the fans of Company Brewing? CB hypes? CoBrew creepers? Zagora Major’s army? Whatever you want to call yourself, you should know there is going to a rousing round of trivia happening tonight. Typically, you get your team together, show up at the joint and stare longingly at …

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Let the Fall Leagues Begin

Whew. What a weekend. I’m over here trying to get my questions ready for trivia tonight and I’m still just thinking about what happened at Glass Nickel last Thursday night. I would tell you I’m going to ease into the vulgarities of the night, but there is no way to do so. It was the …

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The Adamah Option

Alright Madison. Let’s do this. Let’s get our teams together, let’s go over the subjects we discussed earlier in the week and let’s find ourselves in the basement of Glass Nickel by the time 7pm rolls around. In case you missed it, the hot subjects this week are US National Parks, invasive species of Wisconsin …

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I have yet to hear any feedback from last night’s show at Company Brewing. Sure, I have the scores, and we can go over them in a minute, but I want to know how Nick did with the pressure of REAL funny people on his heels. Did he do his bit on airplane food? Probably. …

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Never Ever Forget

Sooo, um, Happy September 11? Is that how we say it? Now that we’re beyond that let’s talk about some trivia, shall we? But we’re not just talking about trivia. We’re going to be talking about the ins and outs. The deep cuts. The shit you find in the darkest corners. That’s ultimately where we …

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Things Start to Die Now

If you had to estimate, how many watermelons would you say you consumed over the holiday weekend? Three, maybe four? As for me, I easily had four whole watermelons. But I also tossed back three cantaloupes.   It was a holiday weekend, so I decided to live a little. You know, give the taste buds …

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Suck It, Manchester

“Suck it, Manchester.” That was jibe thrown across the trivia room by T.W.A.T. last night. But this wasn’t about wrestling victory from the clutches of a Mancunian, turning the event into some sort of poor allegory about colonialism, or a commentary about how immigrants are coming for our trivia prizes. No, no, this was T.W.A.T. …

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In the Cut, with 3 Guys on A Fact Hunt

Those sandbagging MFers! I guess we should have seen it coming. We should have known this was simply a cat playing with its prey. There was no way 3 Guys on A Fact Hunt were going to give up the league win at the Up & Under. They just let everyone around them cobble to …

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We Get the Leader We Deserve

You all know gypsy is a pejorative term, right? Good, so shout out to all that weak-kneed suckers who sat idly by last night and let a team name themselves “Gypsy Danger”. But I’m not here to lecture you. Just go ahead and head down to Gypsy Taco and smother your subtle racism in trash …

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Summer Finale Week at the Up & Under

  Well well well, we’ve arrived at week 35 of the trivia year.   Is it notable? Sure. Then again, every trivia show is one for the history books. But this is also the league final for those teams who call the Up & Under home. But before we get to Tuesday, we have to …

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