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Crowd Sourced Up In Here

What Up What Up, Milwaukee? Now that I’ve properly greeted the city as a whole, I’d like to take it down a little bit. Imagine we are going from a full Odd Future jam to a Frank Ocean solo fuck track. Or, to make it something you might better understand, this is like the really …

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Again the Solstice

Again the solstice, the longest day of the year. Though all these Wednesdays feel long. Nothing to prepare for. Just simply delivering the news of how yesterday was. We already witnessed the birth of the dynasty. Then, back then, it was a just a win for 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt. And we joked …

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Company Brewing Keeps on Rising

  The Company Brewing teams have done it again. Packing in and throwing down. That’s the name of the game over there. So let see these scores, shall we? At 44 points last night it was, which seems more like the name of some 1990s website. Impressively high score for a last place finish. …

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(No title)

Up and Under kept riding that wave of summertime trivia success. The were able to pack a couple extra teams into the place for a quick slaughtering. I kind of feel bad for the teams that stumbled into this, I know how hard it can be to suffer a trivia loss. At the same time, …

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And Thus Concludes Week One

Madison was looking good last night. Sure, the Glass Nickel scores were kind of horrifying, but the crowd was great. I just looked out from behind my computer and thought, “Trivia, you looking like a bajilli.” Of course, the scores are where the games are won or lost. The scores are where league points are …

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Growing Up Trivia

There comes a time in every young trivia players life when they have to ask themselves, “is trivia really what I’m into?” Sure, some people know from day one—from that first time they sat in the Horse and Cart in Charleston, South Carolina and listened to a dude named Suhas runs through a series of …

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And the Summer League Begins

Hey-o! What a wild night to kick off a brand new summer league at Company Brewing. Not only were three a million teams in the house, there was also a hockey game being shown. HOCKEY! Sadly, it wasn’t the Letterkenney Shamrocks playing. If hockey isn’t your thing, you could have watched trivia. You would have …

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June One!

  The first of June is auspicious, not only because it’s older broder’s birthday, but it’s also trivia day right here in the City of Four Lakes. Now, I’m sure all the Milwaukeeites are saying, “We’ve only got one lake, but it’s a pretty great one. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called Michigan.” Yeah, …

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When historians look back at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, we want them to focus on that one week, as May waned, in the 2017th year of the christian lord, when Who Pooped In The Pool ascended through the ranks at the Up & Under. To be clear, what these future people will find won’t be a …

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Calling It!

Consider the 1932 World Series, in the fifth inning of game three, when Babe Ruth called his shot. That’s the man who knows what he’s doing. If it was me I would have walked up, tapped my baseball stick on the soles of my sport shoes, dead-eyed the pitcher, looked out over the cheering crowd …

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