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  5. It Was Caffeine Pills — November 1, 2018

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We Can’t Crowd-Source All The Time

It bums me out that I can’t be at the Company Brewing shows. Not because I think they’re better. Trust me, Madison is still the number one trivia show in the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia empire, based on a survey of Madison trivia hosts. But it would be cool to see the people who come up …

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CoBrew CrowSour

Listen, I’ve done just about everything I can to drive people away from Trivia. Two weeks ago, I made 25-30 people sit in a basement and listen to an improvised musical about the cast of Dawson’s Creek, recorded by people who are certainly not professional musicians. Yeah, people hated it. Yeah, Kirsti messaged me in …

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Election Day

Did you guys all go vote yet? Do it. It’s a great day to do so. I can’t help but think Nick is still out of breath after that League Finale last night at Company Brewing. Some of it went down as expected, but there were also a couple teams hoping to mix it up. …

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Big Things in Week 45

What a week for trivia. First and foremost, here’s a big reminder to everyone that you really should take some time to go vote tomorrow. Don’t be a chump. Go do it. Then we have to address the league finale that is going down right tonight at CoBrew. Will there be sabotage, trickery and subterfuge? …

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It Was Caffeine Pills

Dry your eyes, Madison. I know the first of November can be rough. You’re packing away your Novak Djokovic or Brit Marling in the film Sound of my Voice costume. You’re squeezing a couple of the remaining mini-packs of Swedish Fish you were handing out to trickertreaters, wondering if they can last one more year. …

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Week 44 Is Upon Us

  Milwaukee is back on some sports wave hype right now, with the Bucks flexing a 6-0 start. But so are the Toronto Raptors, and tonight those two teams meet. One team is slipping to 6-1. So hear me out Milwaukeeans, protect your precious little sports hearts a bit. We all saw what happened with …

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Week 43 Madison Recap

Sure, a couple pics of Gritty appeared in last night’s show, but I didn’t think that would be enough to set the place ablaze with the flames of chaos. Yet that’s exactly what happened. Tensions were high all night. There was constant booing from the the back of the room, which is normal. Even before …

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Thursday, more like Shmursday

  In the blink of an eye we’re back to Thursday. Why, it seemed like just last week Good Enough was doing well enough, Travis was confusing Current Events with Know your Cold Cuts and TV Dogs was doing their best to reclaim the top spot. But that was days ago. Tonight we do it …

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Time to Get Back in the Win Column

Milwaukee, I get it. I was there. It was hard to stack that L on the pile. But the Brewers were a killer team. They’re going to be a killer team in the future. And the one take-a-way is that Manny Machado is a dirtbag. To help you get over the end of baseball season, …

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Thursday’s Creep

Sometimes you’re sitting on the front step, sipping hot coffee and watching the morning move. Then, you hear a car coming down the block. It’s moving just a little too slow and you have to decide if you have time to scoop up you dog or your child or whatever and get some place safe. …

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