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Big Trivs

Last night it all came down to the tickets. I’m not going to lie, this entire fall league may all come down to the tickets. Some people think that’s pretty whack, but this is the way Big Trivia wants it. Oh, What? You don’t believe that? You don’t think Big Trivia hasn’t been scheming, plotting …

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Jock Week!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Jock Week here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. I know 50-75% of the players out there just groaned, but this is what happens after a Gilmore Girls round. The pendulum swings. There is an ebb and a flow. Rory Gilmore Girls is certain to be followed by Jaromir Jagr. That is to …

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The Sad End to Week 45

I understand if any trivia players don’t make it all the way to the weekend. This week was a slog. I should have seen it coming after the Milwaukee scores were posted, but I couldn’t imagine it being as bad as it was. Sure, all the Madison teams survived. We all made it through the …

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(No title)

I have this mental image of what happened last night. It’s Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, the man who is author of several volumes of slash fiction about the Charmin bears and Google android, holding the lifeless body of Trivia. I also have two possible paths for the dialogue to follow. At first, …

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Up & Under and Onward

The Green Bay Packers’ games are over for the week (if we’re honest with ourselves, probably the year) and that means we can finally move on to trivia. We’re starting out this week at the Up and Under on Brady Street in Milwaukee.   I got a feeling this is a show you’re going to …

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Double Jeopardy!

First things first, right? There is no Company Brewing show tonight on account of the Packers-Lions game. Normally, I would say this is where we cover scores, like the 29 points Bitch Planet put up. Or the 39 scored by TWAT. Or even the 41 Good Enough cobbled together. But we’re not talking about them. …

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This is Halloween, This is Halloween…

Can you believe there was a time Reclusive Wankers did not play trivia? Actually, before that time there was an earlier time during which they did play trivia, but we need to talk about the time Reclusive Wankers didn’t play trivia. I can only assume during this time they locked themselves in a room and …

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Drink Tickets Make All The Difference

Closing out a week of end to end bangers, it’s your final Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia recap for October 2017. We started with the promise of Big Iron and the return of trivia legend Lars Sevvy. Then we rolled into the Up & Under show where The Whispering Goat Whores struggled but still put up 46 …

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Night of the Living Drink Tickets

As we embark on another week of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, I think it’s important we first reflect on the last Glass Nickel show. We’re hyped to have a few new teams in the fold to shake up the scene, and in time I expect to see nothing but killer scores from them. That said, last …

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Madison Shake-ups

In the world of pub trivia, the recent matches at Glass Nickel Pizza have been some of the best the world has ever seen. There have been shake ups, old standards, stalwarts reclaiming the throne, and the rise of new threats. I assume this is just like Games of Thrones, but what do I know, …

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