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Shooting From The Hip

The Company Brewing crowd is committed. 100%. More heart than a Juggalo. Which reminds me, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is totally willing to take this show on the road for the Gathering of the Juggalos in beautiful Oklahoma City.   Anyway, the Company Brewing teams rolled into last night’s show completely blind. I was in Chicago …

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Writing recaps of trivia shows I don’t attend can be tricky. I know very little the teams at Company Brewing, except that I’m pretty sure Tits & Giggles would cut my throat given the chance. And they would probably use a rusty-ass razor blade they found in the gutter, because they live in Riverwest and …

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Texas Don’t Want You Anyway

  If there is one thing we’ve learned from the crowd at the Up & Under, it’s that Texas isn’t for everyone. The disconnect become most clear when the teams there had to run through ten categories not really even tangentially related to the trivia they know and love, or at least seem to like. …

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The Texas Train Rolls On

It’s been brought to my attention Nick was not wearing a serape at Company Brewing last night. It’s like he’s already forgotten about the Lone Star state. Fortunately, Clementines from Madison created this drawing, demonstrating one way to wear such a fine garment.   Before we get too deep into the trivia recap from last …

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Company Brewing Texas Style

Hey-o Milwaukee, tonight it’s your chance to play some Texas Trivia. I’m super excited for you all to get there. It will be 6:55, maybe 6:57, and Nick will be nowhere to be found. Sure the show will be all set up, answer sheets and Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia pens will out for everyone. But where …

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Texas Night in Madison

A million thanks to Anjali who held down the Madison show while I guzzling Lone Stars by the dozen. Everyone said she has a great host, and one person claimed she did a better job than I do. That person won’t be coming back. Anyway the crowd was fresh. All the Texans I expected to …

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Tales of Texas: Part 1

It’s hard to say what I learned in Texas. We saw so many things, went to all sorts of places and drove around a lot. Texas is massive. I think in time it will all settle in and I will be better able to explain what I learned. Until then, consider these points: When a …

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Alright Trivia-ist, consider this your post for the next couple weeks, because I’ve got some vacationing to do. But that doesn’t mean Nick isn’t going to be running the show tonight at Company Brewing, putting all of Riverwest on blast. Nor does that mean Andy and Lewis aren’t going to be telling people what’s what …

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The Complete Filmography of Gus von Trier

Alright we gotta do this one quickly because I have so many meats to write about today. So many meats. Here goes, the original Bitch Planet was in the mix at Glass Nickel last night and regardless how confident and cocky they seemed when it came to Wrestlers, they clearly know nothing of the WWF/WCW …

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Dust Up at the Up & Under

In some ways, it’s probably best the Moonbats weren’t in the house last night. They did’t need to witnesses the shake up that went down. But it wasn’t the usuals. No, no. It was a darkhorse. Bowser-Domino. Yes, they’ve been lurking for some time, but they never really seemed to be within striking distance. Until …

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