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Mood Lighting

Fresh off a long weekend for Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, we’re ready to toss out a steaming stack of 50 tonight at the Up & Under. This short break couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I just installed Hue lights at mi casa and honestly, I didn’t know life could be this good. …

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Last Call for Crowd Sourced!

Madison, this, right here, is your last call to get your crowd-sourced categories in for tonight’s show. I hear it all the time from players, “This trivia is too hard”, “I could write better trivia than this”, or “I swear to god this trivia is written and hosted by a donkey wearing a human suit. …

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

It seems we have just enough time to slide in a few trivia shows before the NLCS starts. That means, Company Brewing players, I’m going to need you to halt your planning of a trivia-themed tailgate and focus on this week’s show. I am honored and thrilled you’re planning really fantastic treats like a sampling …

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The Longest Confidence

As Spoony Bardy David put it after last weekend, the long con has come up. For over a year, Team Drink Tickets (or whatever their serial killer flavor of the week is) has been tanking scores. Sure, every so often they would get third or second, sometimes even a first place finish, but they’re much …

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Autumnal Blanduer

Autumn is upon us. The days are shorter. The leaves are falling. The trivia scores are going down. If you don’t believe me check the CoBrew scores from last night. Team Names are Hard scored only 22 points on the night and are now to be known as Team Name and Correct Answers are Hard. …

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Autumn Leaves (2009 Underwater Slub Knit House Mix Version)

I gotta get this message out before the entire city of Milwaukee destroys itself after the play-off game today. So Milwaukee hear me out, sometime around the 4th inning, when you’re feeling good about the Brewers and you’re on your 17th celebratory Jack & Coke say to yourself, “Nick is waiting for me. My team …

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It’s Weekend In The Woods Time

Weekend in the Woods in finally upon us. I’m super excited. For those of you making the trek out, you might be wondering what to bring. WHT is trying to make this as easy as possible on people so hopefully you don’t have too much to carry. That said here’s a pretty good packing guide …

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Shutting Down September

It’s Thursday night and there is pizza in the air. That means you must be in Madison, and if you’re ready to push yourself to the known limits of trivia knowledge, you’re in the right city. Tonight, like every Thursday night, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia takes over the basement of Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood. Any …

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The CoBrew League Rolls On

Dang, these league scores at Company Brewing are stacking up like accusations against a supreme court nominee, but instead we’ve got Nick up there, denying nothing. “Yeah I asked everyone those questions. Sometimes I whispered the questions in their ear and then prompted them to look down at my clipboard, where the answer was written. …

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Wedding Wave Crashers

Madison, I suggest you spend a little time covering the basics tonight, because word on the street is this week’s show is brutal. We saw a Company Brewing team win with 63 points, then at Up & Under a solo winner emerged with even fewer points. Anyone who comes anywhere near triple digits is instantly going earn legend …

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