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Let the Leagues Begin!

Sometimes I get it all wrong. I’m not afraid to admit it. Just look at last week. I counted Neal of Fortune out long before the match even started. I said Laura Dern and the High-waisted Necklines stood zero chance without Hannah. And I claimed it was going to be Good Enough’s week. Then Good …

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Blind on Blind

A lot of heat coming in over the last two days because someone wasn’t putting up trivia posts. Like we don’t have lives to live and jobs to do. Like we ain’t got merger and acquisitions to merge and acquizish. That’s something you do with job, right?   Still, the players were heated. Tunnelsnake Leslie …

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Week 4 at the GNP

And now it’s Madison’s turn to face the wrath of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia week four. I can tell you this about tonight’s showdown, Good Enough is on the prowl. Like the recently declared extinct eastern cougar used to be, which some of you might know as a catamount, or the ghost cat (not to be …

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Do you know the great thing about running the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Classics shows at Tracks on Wednesday? I mean sure, it could be the people there. Or maybe it’s those cheese curds. Or maybe it’s just the chance to look back at answers that were given, and even sometimes at the questions that were …

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Week 4 Keeps Burning

Comin’ in hot off yesterday’s post up which, like bitcoin, attracted weirdos from all corners of the internet. But that’s alright by me as it also brought a few new players to the Company Brewing show last night. And those scores…oooo those scores. Killer showed up last night, put up a good fight but then …

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A Brief and Inaccurate History of Bitcoin

Eight years ago, when Nick and I started this little Trivia endeavor, there was this dude named Joe who would occasionally play. Solid player. One night after the show he strolls up and asks, “What do you two MFers know about b-b-b-b-itcoin?” Originally, I thought Joe spoke like that because he a wild stammer, but …

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Century Eggs

It’s good to know the Madison crowd is catching on the open bribery that keeps Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia moving. Last night Tickles for Nickels, a team that in the past has brought me Chilean candy, a Lake Tahoe bottle opener and countless other gifts, brought me a century egg. I should note, in the past …

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Setting it off

Alright Madison, in the words of the Queen Latifah, “Let’s set it off.” That’s from the classic, 1996 film Set It Off. At one point Latifah, as the character Stoney, demands a bigger gun and says, “I ain’t trying to rob stagecoaches, I need something with which I can set it off. Like those trivia …

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Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia…The Legend Continues

Stalwarts. That’s how I would classify the Up & Under teams. These MFers are hanging in there through the good and the bad. And frankly, for some of the teams it’s never really good. Take Who Pooped in the Pool, for example. Not only are they not winning, due to archaic laws and something called …

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The Company Brewing Return

It’s good to see the crowd at Company Brewing welcomed Nick back with open arms and excellent, if unsurprising in convention, names. We’re going to go over last night’s team scores like they were Drake, starting at the bottom. But in this case we’re talking about the teams that are really struggling, not some perceived …

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