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There Will Be Blood, and Trivia

You’re probably all looking at the questions for this week’s trivia show and thinking, “There is no way Nick is going to be ready with fifty questions tonight”. So far we have 3 wild cards, 4 WTFs, something about one of the lesser Glaswegian bands and a category that currently has no questions and simply …

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Friday the 13th

Walking back into Trivia at the Glass Nickel last night was a little like the penultimate scene in Full Metal Jacket. Imagine sneaking in after a week away. A once glorious building now dark except for the fires burning throughout, which somethow offer so little light. Smoke clouds one’s vision. That might be smell of …

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Shoulda Doubled

12 hours later and Nick is still shook from last night’s trivia bout at Company Brewing. I get it, Nick’s a strong dude, not one to buckle, but you have to look at what he was dealing with last night. He had one team leaving menacing notes for Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg. AND he …

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The Finished Product

Let’s kick off this bad boy, shall we? WEEK 15 is here, trivia players. And that means Nick is probably/maybe/possibly/whateverTF starting a league this week. Is he hyped? For sure. Is he concerned about that categories we’ve written for this week? 100 percent. I can’t really blame him. Putting it together it all seemed normal, …

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They are all dead

It’s a big Friday around here, as I was fully prepared to tell you about the excitement of the Glass Nickel trivia show, instead I only come with questions. Specifically, what happened? I take the night off to attend a very important Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia meeting and I come home to zeros across the board …

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MADISON! MADISON! MADISON! We’re out of league play and so that can only mean one thing: The Spoony Bards will deliver a crushing victory tonight. I suspect they will rack up somewhere around 150 points. With the closest team to them scoring somewhere in the mid-twenties, maybe. Or some rogue team, Lady Posse, Guess Harder …

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Clinging to the Nearest Passerby

It’s pretty clear I lost control of Trivia long ago. I used to think it was our sponsors who took over. Then, I believed it was the weakest of the teams that did, which was no better. And recently I’ve been sailing through thinking, “Nick’s got this under control. The Company Brewing show will keep …

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Inter-Leagueian Period

We’re coming back fresh after a weekend of plowing through passover seders, easter egg hunts, eating and drinking the body and blood of christs, and enough peeps and jelly beans to rot even the strongest of teeth. I have to suspect Neal of Fortune celebrated a little extra become they took home the top spot …

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League Enders!

Today is supposed to be the day we are celebrating the League Ender at Glass Nickel Pizza in Madison. We’re supposed to be on the edge of our seats trying to figure out how Team Drink Tickets comes back from last week’s crushing loss which took them out of the top spot. We’re supposed to …

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Company Brewing, Amazing Kate and Lewis’ Stolen Valor Scheme

What a show last night at Company Brewing. I’m over here looking at the box score and all I can think is, “Damn, that’s a big show.” We’re talking 11 teams at the jump, one team scoring more than 100 points and even a tie tossed in for fun. That 11 team stat does include …

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