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Name: Leslie Peckham
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  1. Croakies and Boatshoes — September 27, 2015
  2. Your Time is Gonna Come — August 10, 2015
  3. Remember Gotye? — July 9, 2015
  4. All Tomorrow’s Parties — June 19, 2015
  5. The Prickly Thorn is Sweetly Worn — June 15, 2015

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Croakies and Boatshoes

Well Hello there! Remember me? The old blog about your trivia show? Still here. Still got my fingers ambivalently placed on the pulse of modern trivia news. We’re about halfway through our fall league and I’ve moved into my new digs finally so, time for an update I think! Yah? Yah. The Rivalry of the …

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Remember Gotye?

Salutations baby jerks. What a perfect night for a trivia blog. Here is an update:   So, in case you’re feeling a little left out, here’s what’s up with Red Dot West. I got a heads up one night that because of the Tosa Classic Bike Race, the place had run outta food. Now, I …

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All Tomorrow’s Parties

What’s this? Another update? And so soon, so timely? Ch’ya. It’s happening. You’re a real lucky pack of mother fuckers to get two blogs outta me in a week. Lucky, or good looking. Probably lucky. Updates! This week was a blow out show in Wauwatosa (corrects to “Apatosaurus” in Chrome). First, ya’ll unified over your …

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The Prickly Thorn is Sweetly Worn

G’day folks! What a beautiful weekend we’re having! What green leafs! What slick streets! It’s monsoon season! Soon the temperatures will be out of control as will the bug population. Soon, all those people that complain about the cold will be hiding inside next to their air conditioners, crying about eating bread heels, and other …

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The Breaks

Good afternoon trivia fans! It’s nigh time we had an update and so, I’ll dispense with the usual musings and get to it: Monday! I didn’t have a show this Monday, but it sure was nice to be back last Monday! Hope you all got your complimentary Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia pens! Those of you who …

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A Blog About It

Friends! It’s been way too long. Here are some updates about things that we have at least a rudimentary knowledge of: Leslie is back at Red Dot Tosa tonight. She thanks all the teams that came out while she was away and especially thanks TJ and Carol for taking over during her absence. Nick’s show …

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Whatever. Twister is a GREAT movie.

Hello friends! Some of us have day jobs and some of us moonlight our jobs so that we can do what we really like in our off time. And some of us have been finishing our thesis, planning our sister’s wedding parties, and only have this 45 minute window while the kids she nannys* are …

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It’s Bigger Than It Looks

Good Morning Friends! It’s time for another post! Past time! No post last week means a post that is double its worth this week. It’s the beer you deserve tonight, with a 24% ABV. It’s a four day weekend. It’s two ironic outfit choices on one person. It’s… time for your week 18 update. Monday’s …

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Time Is A Flat Circle

Greetings friends. Now for a week 15 update. Monday! Monday there was no game in Tosa. There was no game anywhere. Most everyone I know stayed home with the lights off and listened warily to the howls of carnivorous night time creatures. I’m looking forward to next week, seeing all my Red Dot West friends, …

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