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Name: Stephen Kohlmann
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  2. Hold On, Hold On, Children!!! — September 17, 2013
  3. Swamp Junk — September 10, 2013
  4. Sweat Bead Warriors — August 27, 2013
  5. An Invisible Touch, Yeah! — August 20, 2013

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Riverwest Nights!

(Typing this for the third time since using a tablet for blogging is a fool’s game. Champagne problems!) Hey people, what’s up? Apologies for the lapse in posting, but rest assured, things are about to pick the fuck up! Are you ready? Well, first of all, we’ve recently moved off of the (literally and figuratively) …

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Hold On, Hold On, Children!!!

What a difference a whole damn week makes, right? Last week, myself and many trivia slayers were suffering from wilting hairdos, damp brows n’ pits, and swampy clothing. This week, most of us were wearing at least a light jacket while the heat on the patio was cranked. Last week, Red Dot’s dear projector turned …

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Swamp Junk

Milwaukee, this weather we’ve been having has been a stuffy kind of punishment on the Red Dot’s patio. I witnessed several players dabbing their brows throughout the entire evening. What a bunch of warriors you all are! I certainly felt the oppressive heat on my perch. I realize I could alleviate the hotness of my …

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Sweat Bead Warriors

Sweet Jesus, it was a muggy evening on the Red Dot’s patio this past Monday evening! I lost 7lbs whilst plugging in the goddamned projector! Whining aside, the evening’s oppressive mugginess did not deter the fierce players from showing up. We had an amazing turnout for this exhibition game! 10 teams (40-50 meat computers, aka …

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An Invisible Touch, Yeah!

Evening all! More exhibition play took place at the Red Dot this past evening. For yours truly, it was my first solo hosting gig and though I’m still bummed that my David Brent references went virtually unnoticed, it was mostly disaster free. Thank whatever deity you’d like. I’m pretty jazzed! However, it behooves me to …

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First of all, for the benefit of those who haven’t been around the Red Dot for the past two weeks, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Stephen, but for godssakes, please call me Steve, since it’d be senseless to muck about multiple syllables. I am very pleased to be your new Milwaukee’s Hardest Trivia host. …

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