Big Bonus Wednesday, Players!

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Milwaukee this evening, you have the opportunity to play the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia bonus show tonight at Tracks Tavern.

But this isn’t some Patreon-only, behind-the-paywall, you’ve-already-played-your-four-free-shows-this-month, trash. No way. This is 100%, uncut, free-to-play trivia, from trivia writers you know, trust and possible want to punch in the gut.

Plus, it’s at Tracks. You know this place. You know they’ve got a killer space for trivia. You know they’ve got one of the best bar menus in the city and you know they like 100 different beers available, even if you really just want to guzzle a few pints of High Life.

And what of the host. Well, I actually know nothing of Legendary Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg, but I know he’s entertaining. I also heard in the 1990s he earned a gold medal at the X-games in the modified snowshovel race. That was was a real thing. Dumb as hell. But a gold is a gold.

Regardless, if any or all of these factions are new to you, I suggest checkingout tonight’s show. I promise it will be a good time. All you have to do is get a team together and be at Tracks Tavern tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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