Birds and Bees and Films

Ahhh yes! We are back for another week.

And like every week, we’re letting Nick kick it off with some hot league action at Company Brewing. And tonight that consists of 2005: The Year in Film, the Birds and the Bees.

Now, before you get all excited about it finally being spring–it finally being warm–thinking we have a category about making some love, notice those are 2 separate categories Bees and Birds. We’re talking about nature. Not intimate relations.

I can’t even believe your mind went there. In my experience Trivia almost certainly does not lead to anyone getting down. Not once has someone said to me, “OOOO that category on famous horses got me hand fanning” or “WTF? More like DTF.”

In fact, if you go back to my earliest days of pub trivia, it’s always been that way. Imagine an underage Greggers, sliding into bars on a fake ID, not only to get drunk in the way that is specific to a young man who is on college hiatus, but to also play some trivia. It’s summertime in South Carolina, the humidity is high, tanks tops and short shorts were trending hard, and there I was with a foxy young partner from Boston looking shake loose those catholic roots. I lean over, my breath was as heavy as Charleston air, but sweet scent of yellow jasmine had been replaced with the stink of Parliaments Whites, “Hey Mama, you wanna sneak into the Horse & Cart with us, drink some $1 sketch cocktails and play some trivia.”

And her response was straight forward. “No, you guys are assholes when you’re playing trivia.”

I just assume that is how everyone feels about everyone at pub trivia. I would never recommend it as part of a romantic evening out.

Anyway, Birds, Bees and Films of 2005 going down tonight at Company Brewing. All you have to do is be there 7pm.

See you then.


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