Burying the Lead

[Scene: Late morning. The upstairs bathroom room in the Black Metal Wing at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters and Rap Emporium on the shores of Trunch Lake. Greg is sleeping on the floor. Smash cut to a close up on his face. His eyes open and a second later he sits straight up. A subscription card to Trivia Writers Weekly is stuck to his face]

Greg: It’s trivia time, y’all!


That’s right players, we’re coming at you with the final shows of August 2018. And it is going to be a week of heaters. We’ve got the Summer League Finals at Glass Nickel on Thursday. But before we get to that we’ve got the Tuesday Night show with Andy and Lewis at Up & Under. And before we get anywhere near that one, we’ve got tonight’s show at Company Brewing.

You might be wondering why was Greg up so late writing questions. And to be honest that had nothing to do with trivia and everything to do with seven attempts at perfecting a Pimm’s Cup and the series finale of Sharp Objects. Oh baby.

This week we’re coming at you, full force, with categories like the 2018-19 NFL season, Pantalones Cuadrados de Spongebob and something about Island nations. If that is not enough to satiate your trivia appetite, we’ll have seven more rounds to stack on top.

To get to the lead, which is buried under a false lead about this week’s trivia, which itself was buried under a very stupid introduction, thus doubly shrouding the big news.

Ahhh Mr Cobb, a dream within a dream.  

We’re doing the first ever Trivia weekend in the woods. September 28-30 Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia will be hosting a weekend-long outing at Astico County Park. There will be campfires. There will be ridiculous games like Forest Bocce and C-low, so bring some dollars. We might even have board games, who knows? All you need to bring is a tent, your sleeping bag and if you want to bake cookies our whatever, you can bring those too. We’ll take care of food and drinks. If you’re in, or just interested, let us know in the comments, in the DMs or in person.

Okay, your takeaways are. The weekend in the woods, September 28-30, and trivia tonight with Nick at Company Brewing in Riverwest. The show starts tonight at 7pm. See you there.


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