Calling It!

Consider the 1932 World Series, in the fifth inning of game three, when Babe Ruth called his shot. That’s the man who knows what he’s doing. If it was me I would have walked up, tapped my baseball stick on the soles of my sport shoes, dead-eyed the pitcher, looked out over the cheering crowd and pointed directly at the catcher’s mitt. Called it!
I know my limits. I know that if you’re going to call a shot, you better fucking nail it. This is clearly something that escaped a few people at Up & Under last night. I can only imagine the eye-rolling and looks of skepticism on Lewis and Andy’s faces when they found out one team was named Last Place. These MFers thought they were calling it.
Well surprise, Last Place, this Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia and we’re not too keen on big shots. You think you can walk in, lay claim to last place and be good. No way. Now, perhaps Last Place was thinking they’ve got this one wrapped up because certainly they were going to tank the last 4 categories and SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT would move into second to last place. But no. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT stood up and walked right out. Securing last place for themselves, and assuring Last Place would be the fools. Those are the kind of moves that make a champion.
Anyway, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT ended the night with 13 points, Last Place had three times that, with 39 and Who Pooped In the Pool closed it out with 45. Bowser-Domino remains in the hunt. Last night, their 67 points put them on the podium, but they were just short of second place. THE Whispering Goat Whores banged down 69 points. And the winners, a force to be dealt with that is turning into a dynasty, it was Three Guys on a Fact Hunt. They had 86 points.
Perhaps Last Place should come back next week and play under the name Not Winners.


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