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A Monday Post for the Players

Well, well, well, if it’s not the elusive Monday trivia post. Is this to make up for the post I missed last Friday, so me and a crowd of millions could gather and watch our new president be sworn in?   No. That aint my team. I just had some other words which needed to …

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RIP Trivia in Madison

  I only say that because last night’s show killed, and not in a good “Oh that comedian killed” sort of way. I’m talking about players, walking up to hand in their answer sheets, then pulling out a knife, slashing their own wrists, letting the blood spray all over with no regard for those who …

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Billy Joel Singing Auld Lang Syne

Yeah, so no Madison teams decided to play head to head last night. I’d call them all suckers but they put up the good fight. Some even got involved in a physical challenge tie-breaker. Not to worry, Three-Minute Plank Kate can rest assured knowing her record still stands. The Madison crowd only lasted about a …

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Bathtub Primates

No one expects a monumental shift to happen on a frigid, non-league Thursday night in Madison. I certainly didn’t. I expected to walk into the place, read off some questions, hand out the new the Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow tees and get on with it. But then last night happened. And it wasn’t just one …

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The Catch Up

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round. Let me tell you of adventures in the northerly lands. A land with all the semblances of society–paved roads and walkways, reliable power, access to fresh ground coffees, but I am afraid it falls apart there. I struggled with a reliable cell reception. Wi-fi passwords were guarded secrets, as though people …

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The Milwaukee League Ender

I think we all knew how it was going to go down, over in Milwaukee last night. In many ways it was like watching the Mark Wahlberg film, Deepwater Horizon, about the offshore oil rig, the Deepwater Horizon. We all knew there would be explosions and regardless of the financial penalty paid by BP, the …

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A Delayed Recap of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Shows Week 24 in the Year of Our Lord, 2016.

  Sure, this should have come out on Friday, but I had things to do. I know you’re probably thinking, “Greg, WTF do you have to do? Sit at a computer and wag your fingers around haphazardly for a couple hours each day? C’mon dude.” Well actually, I had to take a couple of dogs …

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And Thus, The Summer League Has Begun

Monday is upon us. That means Stephen is bringing the action back to Hotel Foster, tonight. That means you can face off against a handful of other teams, lay down some knowledge and take home a $50 bar tab for you and all your less intelligent friends. You should also remind these friends, you are …

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Croakies and Boatshoes

Well Hello there! Remember me? The old blog about your trivia show? Still here. Still got my fingers ambivalently placed on the pulse of modern trivia news. We’re about halfway through our fall league and I’ve moved into my new digs finally so, time for an update I think! Yah? Yah. The Rivalry of the …

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