Do you know the great thing about running the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Classics shows at Tracks on Wednesday? I mean sure, it could be the people there. Or maybe it’s those cheese curds. Or maybe it’s just the chance to look back at answers that were given, and even sometimes at the questions that were asked. This kind of reflection is huge right now, I just listened to a 30-minute NYTimes piece about how we as a nation fucked up with Tonya Harding. But I’m not letting them put this one on me. I mean look at me, look at my own history , of course I was going to side with the young woman from New England. I also this reflection is probably much easier for some people right now than looking the present dead in eyes.

But before we reflect too far back, let’s cover last night at the Up & Under. Who Pooped in the Pool squeezed out 51 points into the chlorinated water of the Trivia Grotto. Wet Whispering Dream Goat seems to be transforming into some new team, and I have to admit I like the direction they’re headed. They scored 75 points. Shiva Kamini pushed up 89 points but got topped by Trivia Newton John who nabbed 90 on the night.

Which brings us to tonight’s show. Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg is going to be in the Tracks’ backroom, firing off questions from the days of yore. Are some of them going to be out of date? Perhaps. Are some of them problematic? Yes. Are more of them going to be wonderfully entertaining? You know it. I can’t tell how well a trivia show ages, I would suspect better than Seinfeld but not as well as. But the only way to know for certain is to be there tonight.

The show starts at 7pm. See you then.

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