Clementines, Back At It Again


ClementinesRegarding trivia at Glass Nickel last night, we’re not going to talk about how Neal of Fortune won with 107 points. Nor are we discussing Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs ending the night with 77, or even Spoony Bardday, Becky and their 62 points. I don’t even want to think about the 58 points earned by Clever Girl and the 52 of the 1998 Mulan Szechuans, ugh. And I’ve already forgotten about TWAT+ and their 33 points.


What I want to talk about is Clementines. Sure, they returned for their second week, scored 45 points and flashed potential all over a few of last night’s rounds. But I want to focus on their category suggestions. Let’s go down their list:

  • One: Destiny’s Child. Straight out of the gate, these MFers come with force. I would write this category for weeks straight. They are certainly after my cold, lifeless, trivia heart.
  • Two: Lifetime Movie or Unsolved Mystery. I hate to say it, but they missed out so hard, because it was just over a month ago we did Lifetime Movie or Megadeth Song and it was one of the greatest categories ever. And now we have options for expanding our Lifetime Movies comparisons franchise. This is great.
  • Three: Did Ben Carson Say This? Now, this one is really funnier in concept than in reality. I see it going down like this:

Me: Did Ben Carson say “I believe man, and woman, is a horse with an itchy trigger finger and a revolutionary filing system for smoothie recipes and Transformers movies together at last. Ipsy pipsy.” The answer is, No.

David: Two things. First, prove to me that Ben Carson does not actually start every day with those exact words. Also, I’m starting a new birther-esque movement regarding the Stanford Tree and its alleged name. LONG FORM, MUTHAFUCKER!

I can’t argue with either of those.
Anyway, Clementines are rad. Everyone is fun. Trivia is super cool. Have a great weekend.

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