Writing recaps of trivia shows I don’t attend can be tricky. I know very little the teams at Company Brewing, except that I’m pretty sure Tits & Giggles would cut my throat given the chance. And they would probably use a rusty-ass razor blade they found in the gutter, because they live in Riverwest and that’s just how things are there. As for the Tuesday night show, I don’t even know if the Up & Under is a real place. I think I’ve met Lewis and Andy, but then again, I have a memory of sitting on a camel when I was very young. No one else in my family can corroborate this story. Let me take it a bit further, I think I was in shopping center parking lot.

So now I’m writing recaps for a show in Madison that I wasn’t even at. Everything seems pretty normal, Hannah showed up so Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs won with 111 points. And yeah, Neal of Fortune nabbed second with 93 points. Then there was Clever Girl in third with 68. Close Encounters of the Spoony Bards put 61 points on the board and Kitty Kitty Meow Meow eked out 58 points.

But real question I have about last night’s show is, WHO IS CLITERATURE AND WHY HAS NO TEAM USED THAT NAME BEFORE? That’s some primeau naming right there. Shout out them and their 66 points.

It all starts over next week, so play it cool until then. Maybe step up your naming game. I’m talking to you, Gilmore Girls Gone Wild.  

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