CoBrew Recapper

As  we discussed yesterday, Nick’s show was hot on the heels of the Riverwest24, the finest bike race/community event in the country. It’s great to see Riverwest host such an event, but the downside is that it also emboldens lesser, detrimental groups in the community, suggesting maybe it’s their time to shine as well. It’s not hard to envision the path from a successful Riverwest24 to a Tunnelsnakes victory at trivia.


That is exactly what we saw last night at Company Brewing. Tunnelsnakes somehow scraped together 108 points for a win. I can only assume during the RW24 they set up a blockade that ensnared Nick while he was riding sometime in the early morning hours and demanded the answers to trivia in exchange for his release. Tunnelsnakes have long been known to set such traps.


This in turn stole the winning spots from better teams, better people really, like John F Kennedeez Nuts at 97 points, Pfft at 81 and Scrambled Eggs at 80. Some other teams never really had a chance at winning. Teams like Hanabikonan the Barbarian who nabbed 72, Best RW24 Ever who got docked 15 and ended the night at 64, and Teeb Nabe with 61. Tequila Mockingbird also put up 31, but had to leave early.


Tonight the show rolls on to Up & Under on Brady Street–a neighborhood which lived this weekend blissfully unaware of what was happening in Riverwest. At the helm will be Lewis, a man who just lost all funding for his new startup Drive-In Movie Pass (DiMP). The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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