Coming to You Live From Pyeongchang

Let’s pretend for a minute there is a vast overlap in the trivia players at the Up & Under and those who are REALLY into the Olympics. Can you imagine the choice one would have to make tonight.

“Hmmm, do I watch NBC deliver another night of zero biathlon or curling coverage and 25 hours of dumb figure skating? Or do I go to the U&U, plow down a few fizzies, answer some trivia questions and have a good time?”

It’s not even a question. You get your ass to the U&U for Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia tonight. And before you go I would suggest maybe studying up on Ida B. Wells, whiskey and beach volleyball. For real, those are the clues I’m tossing out, so you know the rest of the rounds are going to be, as they say on the streets, “Okay”.

As always there will be plenty of drinks to go round and your boy Lewis, who once medalled in the Dormitory Olympics giving Topliff it’s first ever gold in table tennis, before someone yelled, “Hey, he’s not even a student at Dartmouth!” and was then chased from town by car full of tuffs blasting Yakety Sax, will be firing off 50 questions.

All you have to do is show up. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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