Company Brewing, Amazing Kate and Lewis’ Stolen Valor Scheme

What a show last night at Company Brewing. I’m over here looking at the box score and all I can think is, “Damn, that’s a big show.”

We’re talking 11 teams at the jump, one team scoring more than 100 points and even a tie tossed in for fun.

That 11 team stat does include in Emily Squared, who seems to have pulled the plug after six rounds and went out with four points. They kept Momma’s Boyz and their 28 points from finishing in last place. Ahead of the Boyz, it was Bi-Furious with 48 points, Scrambled Eggs with 58 and Best Zeke Miller Is A Savage Ever who put up 73 points, but then got docked for too many players and also ended the night at 58.

We Need Help certainly could use some help but they did do well enough to score 71 points. They were topped by Nuk If You Buck In Your Truck 225. A team with a very troubling name and very non-troubling 76 points. Just up from there, it was the Up & Underachievers who scratched together 78.

In third place, it was Spotted Nick with 81 points. And also with 81 points it was Tunnelsnakes. This can only mean Tunnelsnakes copied every answer from Spotted Nick’s sheet and relied on a physical challenge knowing Kate would win that. Seriously, is there anything Kate cannot do. Nick claims that she is still holding plank position from a physical challenge 14 months ago. She also once ran a marathon with wearing an army surplus gas mask with a 3-foot bong attached to the filter. She was doing rips every quarter-mile, never took the mask off and still finished in 3:44:16. I know this because I was part of of the torch and bowl support squad riding beside her in a golf cart. As I said, Kate can do anything.

Except win at trivia last night. That honor was reserved for Reclusive Wankers and their 106 points.

Tonight, the show moves on to Brady Street. The show is a league ender headed up by Lewis, a man who spends his weekends photoshopping himself into pictures from Vietnam then demanding Veteran discounts at George Webbs across the city. And I know you might think that image of Phan Thi Kim Phuc running naked after being napalmed is horrifying, but once you see it with Lewis skating next to her, mid-no-comply, you might reconsider.

Anyway, if you’ve got what it takes to handle Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, you need to get to Up & Under tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.  

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