Company Brewing Texas Style

Hey-o Milwaukee, tonight it’s your chance to play some Texas Trivia. I’m super excited for you all to get there. It will be 6:55, maybe 6:57, and Nick will be nowhere to be found. Sure the show will be all set up, answer sheets and Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia pens will out for everyone. But where is the host? Then there will be a rustling in the corner and Nick will emerge from where he was crouched down, covered by his fresh serrape, casual cowboy hat pulled down low. He must be tired from all that traveling, trying to make it to trivia on time. And you all thought that was just a pile of old blankets.

That will be the last bit of fun you will have tonight, because, I hate to tell you this, Nick is going to win trivia tonight. I know this because after spending an entire week with Nick, I’ve learned: Nick only wins. We played dice, and I mean we played a lot of dice. Slowly, over 3 nights, Nick took all of Keith’s money and a fair portion of mine. Then we played arcade basketball. Nick won every game. There was even a game where I sunk 27 shots in a row. Nick still won that one by three points. And we played both the Spurs and the Rockets version of the game. It didn’t matter. Big Buck Hunter? Nick won. Skee-ball? Nick won. We played this ridiculous shooting gallery game where the max score was 20,000 and everyone scored 20,000. By the end, Nick scored 20,001. He even came out on top playing shipping roulette.

About the only game Nick didn’t win was the seat-heater game, but no one wins when that game gets played in Texas. And for what it’s worth, Audi, you need to get rid of the audible *click* indicating when the hot seats get turned on.
So, if you think you can finally beat Nick, at like, anything, or if you just want to see his new hat, boots and serrape, I suggest you get to Company Brewing. You might do well to know as much as you possible you can about TGS of Texas. If you’re looking for category clues, consider Texas State Parks, songs about Texas, Big Bend National Park and the instagram accounts of @mifunetoshiro and @slashgreg. The show starts tonight at 7pm. Be there.

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