What a night at Company Brewing last night. I’m unsure what exactly went down, but I received a frantic message from Nick this morning telling me not to put up a trivia post yet and that the score sheet has been compromised. I repeat THE SCORE SHEET HAS BEEN COMPROMISED.

I don’t know WTF that actually means. What I do know is that Neanderthals walked out early after only scoring 13 points in 4 rounds. That is to be expected. I’ve seen fully evolved homo sapiens score fewer points. Stalin Oats put up 51 points and came with a name fitting the Dictators category. Nervous and In A Rush put up 54 points and tied with Best Heartbreaker Ever, the team which I would have deemed the losers in a tie-breaker based solely on their name.  

Butthole in One Night Standing Rock Lobster Rolling Rock seems to have sputtered out on this naming convention sooner than I anticipated. They put up 73 points and took home third place.

This is where it gets dicey. I don’t know what happened between the Reclusive Wankers and Tunnelsnakes but the scores are just a .gif of a teenaged Nick, with his green mohawk, doing what he claims is the #LiteracyPlusTrapSauceDanceChallenge. Someone is going to need to fill me in on this one.

Anyway, tonight we move on to Up & Under, where celebrity guest host Andy Berg and Lewis, a man who claims he’s up for the #LiteracyPlusTrapSauceDanceChallenge, will be dropping questions on all you fools. If you want to get in on it and show the world what you know, you’re going to want to be at Up & Under on Brady Street by 7pm.

See you there.

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