Crowd S-S-S-Sourcing Sourcing

Last night, while I was waiting for the last of the crowd-sourced categories to roll in, I opted to watch some broadcast television. Specifically, I watched a sitcom based on a podcast. This wasn’t my first choice of ways to spend a Wednesday night. I was going to waste time reading reviews of the Sleep album The Sciences and J Cole’s KOD. But then I realized I don’t even care to read a record review. Both albums are great and worth listening too and thus I thought watching a sitcom about podcasts would be better.


Everything about Alex, Inc. is dumb and I very much look forward to writing multiple trivia categories about it without ever watching another episode.

Anyway, the crowd sourced categories are in and it’s going to be a bruiser. I like that each team sat down, cracked their collective knuckles and said, “Let’s fuck up these other players.” For real, I’m suspecting high scores in the single digits.

And there is still room a couple more player-penned categories. Where’s TV DOGS on this? What about Good Enough? Clever Girl? These teams are going to need submit something to compete tonight.

Then again, anyone could walk in, bang down 50 correct answers and walk out a champion, never to be seen again. All they have to do is get to Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood tonight. We’ll be in the basement.  

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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  1. Nithin

    TV DOGS here! We want to submit a category. How do i do that? Facebook message you?
    Should’ve asked all this last week. My bad!

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