Cuckolded by Christ

We’ve got a straight-up head-to-head showdown this week. Can one of the Madison teams do what Milwaukee could not? Will we see a team go over 100 points tonight, or will the capital city sputter out?

The first obstacle will be topping Who Pooped in the Pool with their emotional journey to 20 points and last place. Sure, other teams may score more points, but no one can score more love for trivia. Does that even make sense?

I would think certainly someone will be able to top The Whispering Goat Whore who put up a mere 35 points the other night. Then again, I’ve seen some really trash scores stink up the whole room at Glass Nickel. I don’t even want to talk about Tunnelsnakes, who switched locations and still brought one too many players. You guys couldn’t conveniently forget to to tell someone on the team you were playing elsewhere? Instead you closed out the night with 38 points.  

Trump/Pence 2016 scored 40 points. That’s more than our dump-ass president’s approval rating, but not nearly enough to win. Now, you take that name and throw it in the river. Shiva Kamini had an uncommonly low score with 47 points, allowing Brady Bunch to slip into third place with 49. There’s Something About Mary Magdalene nabbed second with 61 points and makes me feel better about growing up reading the New Testament like it was letters-to-the-editor in a filth mag.

Dear god, I never thought these stories were true, until it happened to me. I was going to JC’s tomb to rub some oils on his body, maybe squeeze in a quick necro-sesh, but when I got there the tomb was empty.  Then I saw Jesus and he wasn’t even dead anymore, so I knew shit was going to get freaky. Of course, I was ready to get down to it, but he forbade me from touching him. Instead, I had to sit in the corner of the tomb and watch Thomas finger-blast him. Believe me when I say. the son of god wasn’tt the only thing that had risen that day.

Anyway, I’m sure my contributions to this new religion will be scrubbed in the future, so I just wanted to let you know it miracles can happen to you. Thanks byeeeee, Mary Magdalene

And in first place in Milwaukee it was Trivia Newton John with their 71 points.

Tonight it’s Madison’s chance to show off their smarts. There will be a room full of brainiacs in the house, but if the top spot is yours for the taking you need to get to Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood. Simon and Jake will be slinging pizzas and drinks and I’ll be serving up all sorts of hot questions. As always, we’ll be in the basement and the show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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