Double Jeopardy!

First things first, right? There is no Company Brewing show tonight on account of the Packers-Lions game.

Normally, I would say this is where we cover scores, like the 29 points Bitch Planet put up. Or the 39 scored by TWAT. Or even the 41 Good Enough cobbled together. But we’re not talking about them. Nor are we talking about Clever Girl’s 55 points or the insane-o brunch Amy from Clever Girl cooked up at her house on Sunday.

I will take a minute to discuss the Wolf of High Street. If you’ve played trivia long enough, you know this kind of team. A couple dudes, they walk in well after round one and I expect them to walk out long before round 10. But not these two, no no. They came came to kick some asses, drink some beer and play some trivia. And we were already out of asses. Anyway, they scored 60 points after dropping in a few tickets

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs squeezed out 76 points, but was topped by Neal of Fortune and their 77. Spoons, Prunes an Automobards played 9 drink tickets and bumped themselves into second place with 84 points. But, once again it was the masters of the drink ticket game, Steamed Pink Lickets, dropping 34 tickets and closing out the night with 91 points and first place.

Then, as we’re wrapping up for the evening, I mention all the important points–If you have any category suggestions please put them at the bottom of the sheets. If you use faceback, please like and subscribe to our page, and an in important news Caitlin is heading to the Mighty CC, CA (no one calls it that ) to film her spots on Jeopardy. But before anyone can even cheer, Dominic, one of the previously mentioned Wolves of High Street, says, “Hey, I’m going to be on Jeopardy.”

Turns out, the Wolf is going to film his shows in a couple weeks. But more importantly, we’re running two players in the current Trebekian-cycle. Suck on that all you other trivia shows. And finally, we’re hoping Caitlin makes Ken Jennings look like a chump over the next few weeks. And then Dominic shows up and does the same.

For all you clues hunters, check back tomorrow after we’ve put this week’s shows together.

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