Drink Tickets Make All The Difference

Closing out a week of end to end bangers, it’s your final Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia recap for October 2017. We started with the promise of Big Iron and the return of trivia legend Lars Sevvy. Then we rolled into the Up & Under show where The Whispering Goat Whores struggled but still put up 46 points. Shiva Kamini threw 68 at the scoreboard.

Hot Korean Sunset snatched third place with a respectable 72 points. Then it was 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt racking up 85, but still getting edged out of first place by Trivia Newton John who earned 88 points. Can you imagine how frustrated 3 Guys is with TNJ? Those shows must be getting hot.

Then last night we packed up a near capacity crowd at Glass Nickel. And if you thought the seating was tight you should see the scores at the top.

Sure, we had Sal, a one-man team featuring a guy named Sal, he joined in at round four and point 16 points on the board. Good Enough took the hit for having an overloaded team and ended the night with 18 points. I have to say, I respect their commitment to the team.  

Clever Girl eked out 26 points and has no love whatsoever for Marty Robbins. Multiple Scorgasms Spiralling in Viscous Plasma State (low-flow) Until He Shall Triumphantly Return had to duck out early but still pieced together 35 points. Drink Pics came in costume but only managed to earn 40 points. That seems reasonable as costumes and scores are completely unrelated. In my mind they certainly won the spirit award. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs played one drink ticket to push their score all the way to 61 points. Then, it was Fish Ladies–hungry for a podium spot–who played 16 drink tickets and ended up with 71 points.

Bardday the 13th: The Spoony Chapter, cocky from last week’s win only dropped 5 drink tickets and ended up with a third place finish and 78 points. Dream Dick Trinkets flopped out 19 tickets and snatched second place with 80 points. And for the second week in a row they were foiled by one point as Neal of Fortune whipped a cool 30 from their ticket stash and claimed the top spot with 81 points.

I don’t know how next week could get any more intense, but I’m hoping it finds a way. Until then, get some rest and maybe consider shuffle your teammates, drop the dead weight and add some ringers.

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