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Welcome back to the work week. I know it can be hard, but rest easy knowing you are just in time for another groundbreaking, earth-shaking round of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. If you’re like me, you’re settling back into normal life after spending a weekend doing category research in the swamped and wooded lands of northern Wisconsin. And if you’re like me, you had an incredibly hard time convincing any of your friends to help you shoot an Apeshit-inspired video in front some of the many fish mounts and taxidermied animals you can find when you go north.

There was a bar that had an entire room dedicated to dead animals. It was not a big room, and by that I mean it actually seemed to have smaller dimensions–like maybe the ceiling was only seven feet high. I think this was to make the animals all look larger because I walked in that room and thought, “Oh my, this is the room of Wisconsin’s finest hunter of juvenile animals.”  

This also the place that had three-dollar bloody marys that I’m pretty sure were made with Campbell’s Tomato Soup and a bartender who seemed very displeased when I suggested calling them Warhols.

All this to say that you gotta know I’m coming at you with a National Forests category tonight. As a memorium we’ve got a Koko the gorilla category and we’ve also cooked a little something on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If these seem like the kind of things you might want to answer some trivia questions about, or if you’re just in the mood for a couple pints of Space Whistle MIPA, you’re going to want to be at Company Brewing in Riverwest tonight.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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