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We’re gonna to start this Fall 2016 League Recap with The Winchester show because they’re already halfway through their season.

Once Brilliant Detectives Formerly Known As Reclusive Wankers are dominating the top spot with 23 points, after a strong first place win and a slew of second and third place finishes. Tits & Giggles are in second place with 17 points. But after a win last night Tunnel Snakes is creeping up on them with 14 points in tow. Gilmore Girls Gone Wild keeps it double digits with 11 league points. From there we slide down to Scrambled Eggs with four points. Mister Fister and We Are The Bulldogs…Yes? both have 2 points. RIP Harambe has one point. And, we should tip our trivia caps to Wilson Sans Wilson, Non Non Non…Avec Wilson who found their way home last night and played well enough to earn one league point.

At the Up & Under we’re two weeks in, and we are living in a future I never imagined. The Crusty Jugglers are on top with 11 league points, making fools out of all those regulars. Sun & Moon, also a relatively new team, has 10 points, putting them in second place. And THE Whispering Goat Whores are at nine points.  Yo, players, it is tight up top. Butt Monkeys have five points, while the Moonbats have three. Finally, we have We Don’t Have a Team Name and Hot Tamales both with 1 point. This league is still in its infancy, I suspect shit is going to get all mixed up over there.

And in Madison, we have the crew at Glass Nickel, where an alternate scoring system is in use. It’s a 10-week cumulative score, and thus far it breaks down as follows. Man o’ War Pigs is on top with 131 points, but Neal of (Mis)Fortune is sweating them with 128. We Don’t Like Labels rolled up a fat blunt of 89 points. Mooney, Wormtail Et Al is at 79. T.W.A.T. is sitting at 41, with Bozos, who have 38 points, knocking at their back door.  Hammacher Schl-Emmie has 35. House Mom has 33 and Clever Girl has reappeared to throw down 28 points.

There’s still plenty of opportunities to get in on league play, and there are weekly prizes at each location, so join us next week. We’re at the Up & Under on Brady Street in Milwaukee on Tuesdays and The Winchester on Thursdays. In Madison, we do Thursday nights at Glass Nickel on Atwood. All shows start at 7pm.

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