Glass Nickel Early Winter League Ender

The time has come for a showdown in Madison.

For the true trivia players, it’s going to look like this: The Spoony Bards have 56 points and Neal of Fortune is parked at 54. That’s close. But what we also know is NOF is sitting on like 5000 drink tickets. That makes it real tight up top. What we also know is I still owe NOF some sort of prize for winning the summer league. This weighs on me like the souls of all the trivia teams I’ve killed over the years.

Moving down the charts, you’ll see both Team Drink Tickets and Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs sitting on 42 points. Not only is the first/second place battle going to be hot, so is the struggle for third and fourth. And that doesn’t even factor in the ascension of Fish Ladies and Good Enough.

Dang, I would not want to be the host adding up all those scores.

But that’s exactly what I’m doing tonight. And if you want to see it happen in person. All you need to do is get your team together, or run it solo, and be Glass Nickel tonight. We’ll be in the basement and the show starts at 7pm.


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