Growing Up Trivia

There comes a time in every young trivia players life when they have to ask themselves, “is trivia really what I’m into?” Sure, some people know from day one—from that first time they sat in the Horse and Cart in Charleston, South Carolina and listened to a dude named Suhas runs through a series of questions—trivia is where they belong.  

Others don’t have that luxury, they are like a child lost in the wilderness. Perhaps they’ve been taken in by a pack of wolves or raccoons. Sure, they’re getting food and shelter, but have they looked around. Have they asked themselves, “Is this really where I belong? Am I not above these beasts?”

I feel like this must be the quandry The Whispering Goat Whores find themselves in after a few weeks of average-at-best finishes. “Is trivia really the way the should be spending their time. Were all of those wins just lucky? Normal people eat hard-boiled eggs as snacks right?”

Well guess what MFers, once those doubts creep in the pack of wolves you’ve been living with can smell the fear and will turn on you. That’s right Whispering Goats Whores, step up your game or trivia will rip you apart.  No more of this middle of the road trash.

Okay, so breaking down Tuesday Night’s show, Bowser Domino ended the night with 34 points, and Who Pooped in the Pool barely topped them with 36. Wet Dreamcast slipped into third place with 48 points and a perfectly disgusting name. Then it was the Whispering Goat Whores, and their 53 points. But, none of the teams could get close to 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt, who took home the win with 84 points.

Tonight, we get to see what the crowd at Glass Nickel can do. And just a quick reminder that this is the kick off to the summer league. Get your crew together and get to the basement of Glass Nickel. The show starts at 7pm.

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