In the Belly of the Beast, Wherein the Beast is Trivia Week 20

What up mid-weekers? Y’all looking for an update on some shit?

Well, I have some great news. The update is here. Let’s start with Company Brewing. TEEM NABE cobbled together 35 points like Dan D. Lewis making loafers between the takes on the set of some other slog that will put people to sleep. Best Last Place Ever earned 43 points and proved to the whole bar that there name is a fallacy. Scrambled Eggs put up 61 points and Das Tunnelsnakes ended the night with 75 points. The Sharpest Tools and Titty Roosevelt tied at 77 points and There’s Something About Merrimac and Beautiful Lake Attitash grabbed the win with 84.

Then, at Up & Under The stalwarts were in the house. Who Pooped In The Pool staked their claim with 48 points, but were just topped by A Team Has No Name at 50 points. Trivia Newton John put up 70 points, which left the top spot open for Shiva Conglomeration who scored a solid 82.

That means only the Madison show remains this week. Word on the street #1 Cat in America aka The Norse Force aka Scar-T and the PhD is going to make an appearance, but I’ll believe that when I see. And if I see it, it will be tomorrow night at Glass Nickel Pizza.

See you there!

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