International House of Ugh

Great news for everyone who ready for some trivia. We’re rolling on with summer league play at Company Brewing tonight.

This is going to be the pick me up we all need after this International House of Burgers ordeal. When you come to Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, you know you’re going to be in Wisconsin and you know it’s going to be trivia. Sure, sometimes we miss the mark on what is or isn’t “hardest” but it’s not like we’re coming at with a two week run up talking about how now we’re Wisconsin’s Saddest Karaoke. Or Wisconsin’s Shittiest Magic Eye Posters.

The last thing I want when I’m out there at 4pm on a Tuesday crushing a 30-stack of flappety jacks is from grilled fat splatter making my food taste like I’m at Applebee’s. And when people Show up to Company Brewing tonight they want a pint of WMSE Smash Ale and 50 bruiser questions. And that is what we deliver. Every goddamned time. Can you dig it, International House of Pancakes?

So tonight, at 7pm, you and your team are going to roll in, order a few pints maybe a bite to eat and then you’re going to answer questions about things like Collegiate Athletic Conferences, Corvids and the movie Borat.

That’s a real solid set. See you tonight!


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