It’s Up & Under Time: Week 27

True to form, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia keeps rolling!

Since it’s Tuesday, you can find us at Up & Under on Brady Street.

That also means at the helm tonight you’ll find your boy Lewis, the man who recently set the record with 113 consecutive rides on the Summerfest Skyglider and when asked what he did when he needed to use the facilities he replied,”That’s your problem man. You see poops and pees are just a construct. In fact, Summerfest is just a construct. I could have ridden the Skyglider a million times. We all might living in a simulation and I live on a parallel path where all there is are Skyglider rides. Think about it, man. How do we know the Skyglider I see is the same one you see? Because some academic told us so? Come on. Have you ever looked at your Skyglider? I mean really looked at it?”


I’ve heard the bar is packed is 12-ounce knowledge bombs, so don’t be afraid to grab a few of those. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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