It’s Up & Under Time

Rough morning in the Trivia world. I woke up to learn that the winning team at Company Brewing last night was named Unsolicited Nick Pixxx. And frankly I am disgusted. I prefer all of my Nick pics to be solicited. Why just the other day I dropped a pair of pants off for him. He told me to the fit perfectly, and my first response was, “DELIVER TO ME AN ELECTRONIC IMAGE OF THAT TUCHUS.”

Still waiting on that pic.

Gilmore Girls Gone Mild have tempered their expectations and ended in second place last night. Best Consistently Inconsistent Ever, a name that provides more questions than answers, grabbed third place. The Notorious P.A.T. took fourth, leaving fifth place for Hot Toddies and putting Tunnelsnakes in last place.

Tonight, we move the show down to Brady Street at the Up & Under. Legend has it the Up & Under has a relatively new bartender from Dallas. If she’s working maybe she’ll sling a couple beers your way. If she isn’t, I’m sure someone else will.

Apart from drinks you’ll also be presented 50 questions by none other that Lewis, a man who in the heat of the moment at his son’s recent birthday party grabbed his own mother by the face and said, “Get your shit together and decide if you’re a canapé or a cannotapé”. This is the kind of host we’re dealing with.

All you need to do is grab your team and get to the Up & Under by 7pm. See you there.

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