Jeopardy Doubles

I was going to start by saying it’s the Madison teams’ time to shine, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry (Lent jokes for all you cafflicks). I mean sure we could talk about how Drink Tickles did break the 100-point mark last week, or how Clementines showed up from out of nowhere and nabbed third place while playing under the name It’s Been a Minute. I wasn’t fooled by fake moustache/nose/glasses combo, Clementines. We could even talk about how Laura Dern and the Low Rise Jeans are currently on top of the league, but we’re only two weeks deep so I’m sure that will slide.

What are are talking about is Trivia Mercenary. That’s right! Dom, the only player to win while playing solo in Madison was on Jeopardy last Monday. I could have been more on my game and alerted everyone beforehand, but c’mon how is your daily 30 with Alex T not a standard. The only excuse I find acceptable is that this is the second trivia player from the Glass Nickel shows to be on Jeopardy this month. It’s almost cliche by now.

Anyway, Dom gets on national TV and doesn’t plug Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia at all, which I understand. But he did reveal that he was the Skip of the University of Oklahoma curling team–the only curling team south of like, Manitoba State University. That is a solid-ass CV point. The dude probably doesn’t even fuck with a resume. He just submits a picture of himself wearing the ornamental robes of a proper skip in Sooners colors, and then another of him wearing his letterman’s jacket playing chess with Anita Hill, Olivia Munn and the ghost of Slim Richey. Sooners for life!

So, if you want to match wits against as many as three former Jeopardy players, or maybe even some Clementines, I suggest you get to Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood tonight. Jake will  artisanally pour you a few beers, Simon will pizzeria-style deliver you some pizza or maybe a calzone, and I will devolve into drunkeness as I fire off 50 questions.

If this sounds like your scene, I suggest finding us in the basement. The show starts at 7pm. See you then.     

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