Legend of the Brew Pen

In the parlance of our times, I think one could say, we are back on our bullshit over here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia.

It’s Monday, we’ve got a full rack of questions, and I would suspect there is already a bartender at Company Brewing warming up their tap hand. Who knows, by the time you read this there may be two or three CoBrew ‘tenders in the brew pen.

What’s that? You don’t know about the brew pen? That’s cool. Most people don’t. Let me tell you about it.

Just off the stage, Company Brewing has built a small room with several bars and tappers. There are no customers, so they can actually stack three bar set-ups in a small space. Before a shift starts bartenders spend some time in the brew pen. At one end of the bar a monitor displays an order and the bartender must shuffle back to the taps and pull the correct handle.

It’s important to know the tap handles are set to only 60% resistance of a live tap–they aren’t looking to blow out any arms. After the mock pour, the ‘tender slides back down the bar, taps the monitor and a new order comes up. Occasionally, a barback is sent in just to get in the way, maybe spill huge bucket of ice and generally jam up everything. But a ‘tender gotta ready, you know?  

Not every bar uses, or even has, a brew pen. I know Jake at Glass Nickel likes to go in cold on Thursday nights. And I’m pretty sure the Up & Under only serves cans. But at Company Brewing you can be sure your bartender is ready to go.

Can you imagine if you brought that kind of preparation to Trivia on a Monday night. Think about how great your team could be if you and your whole team cut out of work at like 2pm and started running drills about The Lonely Island, NBA Jam Pairings and Bars and Pubs of TV and Movies. Dang, you guys would be so good.

Pregaming or not, you’re all welcome to show up and try to take home the top prize in trivia tonight. All you have to do is be at Company Brewing in Riverwest at 7pm. See you there.


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