Let the CoBrew League Begin

I gotta give a tip of the hat to Riverwest for coming out strong last night. I mean sure, there was a certain pent up energy because Nick took the holiday week off, but regardless of the host’s apathy or general laziness, the players came back determined. I mean Lewis and Andy may or may not have taken the week off last week, I never saw their scores, and I should have done so because players in Madison deserve a break, just like five minutes without me yapping at them about the merits of Ballers, or the fact that Nezzo has learned to adjust the volume on the stereo at home and I haven’t listened to a complete song since, or the plight of the Romani. Honestly, Madison needs a nap, but do they get it? Nah.

Nick, on the flipside, observes holidays like the postal service.

It’s on the teams to carry that Company Brewing show. Players like …And Justice for Allan Lane, who delivered no real justice last night, scoring only 41 points. BUT THEY STILL SHOWED UP. Best Salty Ladeez Ever dropped an even 50. Seppuku Hand Luke obviously put more effort into a quality team name than learning anything about…anything. Their 56 points was easily topped by Scrambled Eggs, who earned 63.

Team Names are Hard tossed up 64, but couldn’t keep up with Tunnelsnakes. The way Tunnelsnakes comes in so tepid when it’s league time is amazing.

For real, last night was the first night of your fall league, and you scratch together 78 points. Fifth place out of ten teams. I just imagine you guys dropping three-star yelp reviews all over town. When people ask how you’re doing, you typically respond with “fair to middling”. The fact that you just some folk art wordplay doesn’t even phase anyone because you’re honestly, incredibly, impressively okay.

Fourth place saw a tie between TEEB NABE and S&M&Ms. Both teams ended the night with 82, but that was only after S&M&Ms was penalized for too many cooks. Cthulu Lemon spewed forth 95 points and the Evil League of Evil took home first place with 99 points.

Side note: the Evil League of Evil has it’s on trivia team facebook page which is a level of commitment I respect.

You know what else has a FB page, the Weekend in the Woods with Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. A whole weekend of camping with trivia people from Madison and Milwaukee. I’ve heard some people say it’s going to be better than The Gathering of the Juggalos, but like worse-better, whatever that means. Find out more here and let us know if you’re coming through.

Tonight the trivia show rolls on to the Up & Under. Lewis, a man who rejects the flat Earth premise but insists the moon is conical and we are simply looking at the bottom of it, will be there to snap off 50 questions, crack some jokes and crown some team the champion. If you think that could be you, get to the Up & Under on Brady Street tonight.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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