Madison’s Time to Shine

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We’re running through this one super quick so brace yourselves.

Last night at The Tracks, Nursing Schooled showed up again and scored 16 points which should be a low enough score for them to change their name to Nursing Schooled Schooled by Trivia. Ahead of them, it was Beerology who put Larry Bird on the scoreboard with 33 points. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Wilson Sans Wilson put up 37. Calamity Crew: Duo of Dames came out sounding like a Sin City sequel, and performed as well as one. Straight to Netflix with your 43 points. Then, The Demi Moore-gon earned 58 points, but it was just not enough to crack the top 3.

In third place it was Tunnel Snakes. Some people would consider their 70 points lingering. I like to think of it as creeping. Gilmore Girls Gone Wild played 5 points worth of drink tickets and pushed their score up to 91, but they were no match for Tit & Giggles who played drink tickets of their own and shut down the whole fucking scene with 97 points.

Finally, it’s Madison’s chance to show all you MFers how it’s done. I’m sure the average score is going to be somewhere around 130 points and players at all the other locations will be super embarrassed–probably won’t ever come back. But those are the breaks.
If you want to get involved in the super high performance Madison show, I recommend you be at Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood. The show starts at 7pm and the regret is usually gone shortly after that.  See you there.

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