May Day

Welcome to May Day, players. I hope you’re all walking in a little late. Perhaps you’re going to cut out early, or maybe that lunch hour is going to run into the multiples. Whatever you’re doing today I hope you’re sticking it to the fat cats. Here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, we are the fat cats. Very, very thin fat cats, but the bosses nonetheless. As a personal act of rebellion, I’m drinking three cups of coffee before tossing this post up. SUCK IT, NICK. I’m not sure how each of you out there showing your worth, but please do get out there and do it.

All that said, I hope Reclusive Wankers are taking the day off because those MFers put in work at Company Brewing last night. 99 points and the win? That’s not bad. In fact, that’s pretty good. Their nearest competitors were Titty Roosevelt, who pressed ‘em on the glass for 86 point. Das Tunnelsnakes somehow nabbed third place with 47 points. That’s a real steep drop off Das Ts. Real steep.

Behind them, it was There is Something About Merde, who decided to flex some Rosetta Stone awareness and put up 46 points. Best Return of 100 Ever put 37 on the board. They were trailed by The Sharpest Tools who had 34, Zack Attack who had 16 and Bi-Fast Bi-Furious who called it a night with 14 points.

Tonight, we take the show to Up & Under on Brady Street. Now you might be questioning our allegiances if we’ve got Lewis, the man who is leading the campaign for 55-minute smoke breaks every hour, putting on a show tonight. But don’t worry, the show starts after five, so it’s technically the next business day.

To be more accurate, the show starts at 7pm. See you then.

Today’s image come from instagram account of @BlackLodges aka Steven Vogel. His art is great and he’s certainly worth a follow.

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