Alright Trivia-ist, consider this your post for the next couple weeks, because I’ve got some vacationing to do. But that doesn’t mean Nick isn’t going to be running the show tonight at Company Brewing, putting all of Riverwest on blast. Nor does that mean Andy and Lewis aren’t going to be telling people what’s what at the Up & Under on Tuesday night. And Anjali is holding down the fort, schoolin fools at the Glass Nickel on Thursday. So there is plenty of trivia this week and next.

If you’re headed to a trivia show this week, I think it would be best to know a few things about Ikea furniture. You’ll also want to know your shit about skyscrapers and geology, but not necessarily together. Your get what I’m saying, right? Good. Great. Grand.

And again, for those who care to follow along on the unofficial Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Texan Adventure, you can creep on the instagram accounts of me and nick at @slashgreg and @mifunetoshiro, respectively. Catch you fools outside.

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