Milwaukee League Finale

Well that was fun.

Huge night for our finale show. Forty-eight strong including two new teams that came through to check us out. For a minute things got dicey, there was a three way tie in the second round: Monkey vs. Robot; vs. Poop & Pee Warriors; vs. Tits & Giggles. As things shook out, Tits and Monkey were still tied at the end with a double tie breaker round due to unreliable information. Awesome trivia players that they are, Tits conceded to the Monkey. At least I think so. There might have been some under the table exchanges of prizes, but so it goes on the trivia prize black market. I have a cooler by this logic. For the night, Monkey vs. Robot came in third, Wolves of Wall Skeet #futureporntitles came in second (wink), and Poop & Pee Warriors (Shit Piss Cop-Outs) won again.

They won the league too, with 58 points followed by:

  • Reclusive Wankers- 38
  • Monkey vs. Robot-37
  • Tits & Giggles- 36
  • Wolves of Wall Skeet #futureporntitles- 32
  • Mediocre Zukes Album- 23
  • TunnelSnakes- 22
  • No Means NO- 7
  • Wilson- 7
  • Stink Pups- 4
  • The Cheeseheads- 2
  • First Timers; Be Gentle- 2
  • The Return of Happy Wangdoodle- 1
  • Melon Seed Skiffs- 0
  • Elle Pea Crew- 0
  • ‘Roiding with Ryan- 0

…and that friends is your Milwaukee’s Hardest Trivia Summer League (uncut). Next week you will say farewell to me in a pretty exciting host torch-passing show, and meet the new guy. You’ll like him! I’ll save my parting comments until then, but know that it’s been swell for real and I will be missed (wink).

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