Milwaukee’s League Ender


Nick offerman octopusIt was just 24 hours ago that I sat here talmbout how hard it was going to be for Gilmore Girls Gone Wild to take the win from Tits & Giggles. But then last night happened. Rarely in history have we seen things fall apart so completely with only the slightest bit of pressure. I mean sure, we have the moral authority of the current republican party, the concept of American Exceptionalism in the mind of a 14-year-old with a fresh Black Flag playlist on spotify, or the 2014 Milwaukee Brewers, but never at trivia.


So let’s get into it.
Last night, Tracks packed in nine teams to wrap up the winter league. Amanda Sucks For Whatever Reason showed up in round seven, probably because they heard about all the sweet prizes, and scored seven points. They closed out the league with three points. Nursing Skool’d put up a healthy 43, but then overloaded the team and ended up with 13. They’re league ended with five points. Twinkle Twinkle Little Tsar, a team I have no knowledge of, put up 26 points and was thanked for showing up. Calamity Crew rode in, tossed back a few beers, raised a small ruckus, nearly a fracas, scored 39 points and ended the league with eight.


Beerology put up 57 points, kept their roster in line and ended the league with 22. But I have a feeling they are on the come up, you’ll see them again. Then it was Tits & Giggles, scoring only 62 points, ending up with 57 league points and second place overall, and most troubling, they had to read their name in the middle of a recap, like a bunch of commoners.


Demogorgone Fishin’ played themselves into 67 points, ended with 32 league points and hopefully made some killer Big Mouth Billy Bass references. They also took home third place for the night. Tunnel Snakes put up 76 points and held on their third place finish for the league. Not bad Tunnel Snakes, not bad at all. And winning the evening so hard they also won the league, it was Gilmore Girls Gone Wild scoring 88 points last night and closing the league with 61. Red hot.


Now we get to see what Madison has to offer. We’ve got league finals tonight at Glass Nickel Pizza. There will be prizes. There will be Food. There will be Jake. And it can all be yours. All you have to do is be there, in the basement, by 7pm.
See you there.

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